Parker Defective Products Lawyer

Parker Defective Products Lawyer

As a consumer, you expect the products you purchase to function correctly and be free of hazardous defects. Unfortunately, a wide assortment of consumer products can fail to work correctly and inflict serious injuries. If you or a loved one were recently injured by a faulty consumer item, you might benefit from consulting with a Parker defective products lawyer.

A dedicated injury attorney could review your case to determine what damages may be available to you and how to proceed with a legal claim. Well-practice legal counsel could provide valuable legal insight and safeguard your best interest in and out of trial.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Consumer goods can become defective for many reasons. Some products feature flaws by design. These products are inherently unsafe even if the consumer uses them as directed. Other products sustain defects during manufacturing that result in a good becoming no longer safe for consumer use, even if the design itself is safe. Faulty products can also feature insufficient labeling that does not warn the consumer of assorted dangers or side effects.

Depending on the specific cause of the defect, different people could potentially be held accountable. Since handling cases with multiple defendants can be especially tricky, someone injured by a harmful consumer good may wish to speak with a local attorney.

Common Defective Consumer Goods

There is a wide range of products that can cause physical harm if designed, manufactured, or labeled incorrectly. Some of the most common examples include:

Who is Responsible for a Faulty Product in Parker?

For a skilled attorney to win a product liability case in Parker, they must be able to establish a direct connection between the claimant’s injuries and the defective item. Depending on the reason for the defect, the claim could get brought against the designer, manufacturer, or even the retailer selling the product. However, a product retailer must have been aware that the item is harmful or defective to face liability.

Under the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.012, claimants in faulty product cases can request compensation if they sustained injuries or if their property was damaged. If a defective product results in the untimely death of the consumer, their family can file a civil action against the responsible party for their losses.

Claimants have 15 years to file defective product claims from the purchase date under Texas laws. However, it should be noted that if it found that the product caused injuries because the claimant did not use it properly, the case will not hold up in court.

Review Your Defective Product Case with an Attorney in Parker Today

A devastating injury because of a dangerous product is not something you should have to live with. Contact a Parker defective products lawyer today to discuss your case in detail and learn what damages you can potentially seek. Compensation could cover ongoing medical treatment and medication, lost wages, property repairs, pain and suffering, and mental anguish.  Call our law firm today to learn about your options in a free case consultation.

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