Parker Dog Bite Lawyer

Parker Dog Bite Lawyer

Suffering a bite from a dog can cause severe emotional trauma and physical pain. If a canine recently bit you, you should seek guidance from a Parker dog bite lawyer. Depending on the nature of the case, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses and other costs related to the incident, such as ongoing physical therapy or prescription pain medication.

Unfortunately, even well-trained dogs can sometimes bite people they perceive as strangers or threats. An experienced attorney could review your case, gather evidence of pet owner negligence, and defend your rights in and out of trial.

Types of Injuries from Canine Bites

Individuals involved in dog bite incidents can sustain a variety of injuries in addition to torn or punctured skin. People can suffer damage to their tissues, muscles, and nerves in a dog attack. In some cases, they may also suffer broken bones or serious infections, like rabies.

These injuries often depend on the duration of the attack and the canine’s strength and size. An experienced attorney in the Parker area could review the claimant’s injuries to determine what damages may be available to them. More serious bites generally result in a higher damage award.

Understanding the “One Bite Rule”

Texas follows the “one bite rule” in most dog bite cases. Strict liability, rather than negligence laws, apply to dog bite cases where the canine has a history of violent behavior, such as biting or attacking other people or animals. These dogs are classified as “vicious, dangerous, or mischievous.”

When a dog is considered vicious and a danger to the community, the claimant does not have to prove negligence on the owner’s part. If the claimant can show that the dog is dangerous, they could receive compensation for their injuries. However, if the claimant and their local attorney cannot prove that the owner was acting negligently and the canine does not have a violent past, their dog bite claim could get denied.

Criminal Liability in Dog Attacks

According to the Texas Health and Safety Code § 822.005, the severity of some dog attack cases result in criminal as well as civil charges. The canine’s owner could face felony charges if they knew the dog was dangerous, failed to keep the animal secure on their property, and the dog attacked someone unprovoked. Criminal negligence charges could also be brought against the dog owner if they did not restrain the animal and it attacked someone without cause at a different location, such as a nearby park. While a person cannot recover compensation in a criminal case, a conviction could be strong evidence to use in their civil case against the defendant.

Speak with an Attorney About Your Parker Dog Bite Case

Canine attacks can have long-lasting emotional and physical impacts, often requiring substantial medical treatment. Therefore, you should consider contacting a Parker dog bite lawyer today if you or a loved one recently endured an unprovoked dog attack. Even if the animal does not have a history of violent behavior, you could be entitled to compensation to pay for the care you need. Call our office today and book your free case consultation.

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