August 2018 - McCraw Law Group


Personal Injury

Unfortunately, not all bike rides end safely for a cyclist. Accidents between a cyclist and a vehicle are all too common. For this reason, it is important that all cyclists abide by...

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Bicycle Accident, Personal Injury

Currently, there are no state laws requiring any bicyclist of any age in the state of Texas to wear a bicycle helmet. It is still recommended, though, that all bicyclists wear a...

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Motorcycle Accidents

Bicyclists and drivers on Texas roads may have recently seen lanes newly marked with a bicycle and two chevrons. These lanes are known as sharrow lanes and have recently been approved by...

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Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Many states have texting and driving laws but still allow drivers to hold their phone up to their ear to talk on it. However, with Washington State’s new E-DUI law, those laws...

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Car Accidents

“August 2 is the deadliest driving day of the year. There were more traffic fatalities (505) due to motor vehicle crashes on this date than any other of the calendar year over...

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