stressed out woman in front of brokencar
How Not to Get Hurt on the Side of the Road If Your Vehicle Is Disabled
In January 2022, Houston Chronicle wrote a safety-oriented article about traffic fatalities outside of disabled vehicles in Texas. AAA reports that Texas ranks first in the nation in deaths outside disabled vehicles. Between 2015 and...
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The COVID-19 Pandemic and Personal Injury Claims
While there’s never an ideal time to be dealing with a personal injury case, the moment we’re living through now with the COVID-19 pandemic might just go down as one of the most challenging. It...
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woman journaling at a table
Creating New Healthy Habits After Your Accident
Let’s face facts: An injury accident can really throw you off your game. You may experience mobility issues while you’re recovering, possibly needing help with basic tasks like eating or dressing. If your injuries are...
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sitting man in an arm cast holding a cell phone
Dealing With Rage When Someone Else Causes Your Serious Injury
Look, we all know that accidents just happen. Indeed, Centers for Disease Control statistics show that U.S. accidents happen in enormous numbers, where every year: - about forty million visit their doctor’s office for unintentional...
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woman in wheelchair staring at a paper looking distressed
Why and How to Journal Your Serious Injury Recovery
If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury, there’s likely only one thing on your mind: Recovery. You want to get to a place where you feel whole, rested, and safe again....
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woman in bed with a book
Lessons from the Pandemic: Dealing with Health Uncertainty as Constructively as Possible
Now that many of us are poised to start seeing the acute dangers of the pandemic in our metaphorical rear-view windows, we need to start learning how to move forward as positively as we can....
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