Deaths from Cars Running Red Lights are at a 10-Year High


According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the number of people killed in automobile and truck wrecks from drivers running red lights reached a 10 year high in 2017. Continual increasing traffic, inadequate infrastructure maintenance, and driver distraction have played significant roles in increasing all types of collisions, according to a multitude of reports.

While AAA does not cite these changes as contributing factors for people running traffic lights, those of us who see the carnage daily know the very real costs of poor driving decisions and the common factors contributing to those decisions.

Be careful out there. Do not assume that a driver is going to stop at a traffic light just because it is red.  Do not assume that an approaching driver will stop just because other drivers in adjacent lanes stop. High-speed intersection collisions are some of the deadliest out there.  Please be careful, and hopefully, you can avoid the kind of pain we at the McCraw Law Group see all too often.