Contacting an Attorney Following a McKinney Car Accident

The best time to contact an attorney is immediately after all involved parties are safe and everyone has had basic life-saving medical treatment if needed. The medical care needed may depend on the severity of the wreck and the person’s injuries.

Contacting an attorney following a McKinney car accident is one of the most important steps victims can take. If you were injured in a collision, call today to learn how an experienced car collision attorney could help you recover compensation.

Importance of Calling a Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Failing to contact a McKinney lawyer soon after a car accident could be a mistake. Valuable time could pass by and evidence may disappear by the second. A rainstorm could remove all tire marks on the road. It is imperative to know that 9-1-1 calls are routinely tape-recorded over after 30 to 60 days. Therefore, it is critical to collect this kind of evidence as soon as possible.

Intersection collisions could have videotape evidence from neighboring businesses. These tapes may disappear quickly if they are not gathered. The worse the damage, the more critical it may be to contact a lawyer early. When big rigs are involved, lawyers could preserve the ECM or the black box data from the vehicles.

The ECM data might show the speed or show information that shows that perhaps the driver was asleep. Attorneys may then review the driving logs, which might show that the driver was driving faster than they should have been. By contacting an attorney following a McKinney car accident, the injured individual could have an experienced legal professional who could help with gathering the evidence that is necessary to prove fault.

Common Mistakes After a Collision

Unfortunately, many people do not know what steps to take following a wreck. This lack of knowledge can lead to mistakes that can hinder one’s personal injury claim. The most common errors people make after a car crash include:

  • Not calling a lawyer as soon as possible
  • Not preserving the evidence
  • Speaking to the insurance company
  • Failing to seek medical treatment

By reaching out to a dedicated car collision lawyer, an injured individual could have the peace of mind that they have an accomplished lawyer there to help.

How a McKinney Attorney Could Help Following a Car Wreck

Our well-practiced lawyers could gather evidence and ensure that the benefits are coordinated. This may involve the injured person choosing to make a collision claim on a personal policy, an underinsured claim on their policy, or a claim on a third party’s insurance policy.

After a McKinney car accident victim contacts an attorney, the lawyer could take care of the injured person by coordinating the medical care that they need and coordinating all the insurance coverage. Begin your injury claim today by contacting an attorney following a McKinney car accident. A lawyer could help you pursue a claim. The sooner you contact a lawyer, the sooner they could begin helping you recover the damages you deserve.

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