Recovering Damages after a McKinney Car Accident

Recovering Damages after a McKinney Car Accident

If you have been in an accident that was not your fault, it is only right that the negligent party is held responsible so that you can recover from your injuries. To recover after a car wreck, you may be able to file a claim to recover damages. Recoverable damages from a car collision could be economic or non-economic and in some cases, punitive. Call a seasoned car wreck lawyer today who is experienced in recovering damages after a McKinney car accident. An attorney could fight for you to ensure that you are able to collect the damages you deserve following your accident.

Collecting Evidence After a Car Accident

The first step to recovering damages after a McKinney car accident is collecting and preserving critical evidence as soon as possible. In certain situations, evidence could disappear quickly if it is not preserved. In a very serious wreck, the vehicles themselves may need to be preserved and the potential for electronic liability action investigated.

If the proper steps are not taken to collect the evidence, then the case could be lost before it has even begun. Some of the evidence in a car accident includes pictures, witnesses, and videos. In catastrophic wrecks, it is common pull the ECM from the car. The ECM acts as the brain of the car and analyzes the car’s performance. Conserving the evidence is critical to establishing fault.

Importance of Receiving Medical Care

Following a car accident, it is imperative that all injured individuals seek medical treatment. Not only is medical care important for their health but also for their claim. If the injured person has health insurance, then an attorney could help coordinate care with the health insurance company to ensure that the individual is receiving the appropriate care. If an individual does not have health insurance and the lawyer feels like there is a good chance that adequate liability insurance exists, the attorney could set up letters of protection for the doctor. These letters assure the doctors that they will get paid for their services when the case is concluded.

It is also important for an injured person to be truthful with the doctor and go to follow-up appointments. Medical bills and documentation can help prove the plaintiff’s case.

Value of an Attorney When Calculating Damages in McKinney

A knowledgeable lawyer could also help an injured person by calculating the damages. An attorney will take everything into consideration when looking at the economic and non-economic damages in a case. Economic damages are for lost wages, medical bills, future lost wages, and property loss. Non-economic damages can include the loss of enjoyment of activities, pain and suffering, and emotional anguish.

If you are looking at recovering damages after a McKinney car accident, reach out to an experienced personal injury lawyer today.

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