Role of an Attorney Recovering Damages after a McKinney Car Accident

Being involved in a car wreck has the potential to be a stressful event, especially following the accident. When it comes to getting what you deserve, retrieving damages could be difficult depending on your case.

The role of an attorney recovering damages after a McKinney car accident could encompass several responsibilities, one being to represent your case properly. Contact a caring car crash attorney as soon as possible that could help build your case.

Role of an Attorney Recovering Damages after a Car Crash

The first thing that an attorney could do to recover damages after a McKinney motor vehicle collision would be to preserve critical evidence that could disappear immediately after the wreck. The location, the parties involved and whether or not the police were called in to view the accident, are examples of evidence that might disappear if it is not preserved.

In a serious wreck, the vehicles themselves may have to be preserved and the potential for electronic liability action investigated. If these steps are not taken, the evidence may be compromised and unable to be used for trial. It is fairly common to pull the ECM, electronic control modules, also known as the black box, for analysis following a car wreck.

Use of Black Box Data

Black boxes could provide the investigators with an enormous amount of detail surrounding the aftermath of a catastrophic wreck. It is quite possible in such a serious accident that one or both parties may be unable to act as a witness because of the critical nature of their injuries.

If there is a police report, very often much of the details are recorded, but there are occasions in which issues of liability remain unclear, such as the color of the stoplight or other crucial factors. Particularly in these cases, involving trucks, the black box data could be critical. Preserving evidence could be key to establishing fault, and the use of black box data could be the final piece of data needed for the plaintiff.

In situations where there is no ECM data, the investigators may check for any potential video that may have been taken from the wreck before making any decisions. If the investigation is not undertaken immediately after the accident, the evidence may be gone. The role of an attorney recovering damages after a McKinney auto wreck is to prepare the case for any potential evidence or lack thereof.

Health Insurance and McKinney Car Accidents

Although the role of an attorney recovering damages after a McKinney car accident has little to do with medical treatment, a compassionate lawyer may want to make sure that the plaintiff is receiving the medical care they need, which could be difficult if they do not have health insurance. Even with health insurance, it may still be a problem depending on the level of care they are receiving from doctors following the incident. A lawyer could help coordinate care to make sure that the appropriate care is received.

If the plaintiff does not have health insurance and the wreck is significant, the lawyer could set up letters of protection for the doctor. These letters assure the doctors’ payment for their services after the case has concluded. An experienced attorney may also emphasize to the plaintiff the importance of disclosing all ailments to the doctor, to avoid in inconsistency in medical records.

Documenting Damages in McKinney Car Accidents

The lawyer could also help the plaintiff’s damage claims by making sure they are discussing all the ensuing economic damages with the lawyer so it could be documented.  A smart attorney could document the steps that someone is going through to get their life in order after a serious injury. It is critical to show how these injuries are affecting the someone’s ability to work and what is being done to overcome the situation.

A seasoned personal injury lawyer may encourage the claimant to keep a log of events for the lawyer as documentation of the actions they are taking to recover their health. An attorney may also discourage social media usage, so as to avoid the use of positive social media that the defense could use to prove the well-being of the claimant.

For example, the defense may show the injured party on vacation, going out enjoying themselves at parties and so forth. The role of an attorney recovering damages after a McKinney car accident is to make sure the claimant could avoid this happening in their case.

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If you were in a wreck caused by a negligent driver, you have the right to hold them financially accountable for their irresponsible actions. A dedicated lawyer at our firm could provide valuable assistance in filing an injury claim and securing the monetary damages you deserve. For more information about the role of an attorney recovering damages after a McKinney car accident, call us.

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