McKinney Out of State Car Accidents

With lower gas prices and high-efficiency vehicles, many families are turning to the open road for weekend trips and extended vacations. Along with the family road trip, more working parents are choosing to commute for the right job. All this extra time on the road put drivers at greater risk for an auto accident. What happens when the crash occurs out of state, or with a driver not from Texas? Multistate jurisdictions and rules from other states can complicate the legal issues surrounding a motor vehicle accident claim and settlement.

Accidents Out of State

Out of State Car Accidents and Texas DriversTraveling by car while visiting other states for work or play places you in the jurisdiction of that state’s laws. Jurisdiction is defined as the extent of the power to make legal decisions and judgments. If you are involved in an automobile accident in another state, your Texas driving license means nothing. The state where the accident occurs has the power to make the laws in that state.

If you are involved in an out of state accident, McCraw Law Group has many years of experience working with multistate jurisdiction. Navigating the laws of another state can be a very intricate and complicated process. You may receive paperwork from the city or county where the accident occurred. Before taking any steps on your own, contact the automobile accident attorneys at McCraw Law Group to schedule an appointment.

Accident with Out of State Driver

As Texas grows, so does the congestion on our highways. The well-traveled interstates that traverse the Lone Star state are full of drivers from Texas, and drivers from other states. A collision with big rig 18-wheelers is one of the most common and dangerous accidents on the road. What happens when the drivers and truck companies are from another state?

Truck Accident

Big rigs carry large, heavy loads across the roads of Texas. Parts of our economy depend on them to deliver their cargo in a safe and affordable manner. Unfortunately, the pressure to drive long hours and in bad conditions can result in catastrophic truck accidents. What happens when you are involved in an accident with a driver and truck company that is based in a different state?

The financial liability of a trucking accident falls on the shoulder of the driver and the trucking company. The company is responsible for hiring practices, maintenance and driver training. Filing a lawsuit against an out of state company is no problem for the experienced attorneys at McCraw Law Group.

McKinney Attorney Can Help With Out of State Car Accidents

Personal injury from an auto accident can be severe. Fractured bones, back strain, burns, internal bleeding and death can result from a crash. Collecting compensation for these injuries and working with multi-state jurisdiction is a job for McCraw Law Group. Our McKinney accident attorneys are ready to hear your case. Call us today for more information.

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