McKinney Personal Injury Protection Coverage

The idea of being involved in a car accident is not pleasant, but it is an outcome individuals are recommended to be prepared for. McKinney personal injury protection coverage could offer a person the ability to safeguard themselves from the financial burdens of a car collision. For more information about personal protection coverage and how it could benefit you, reach out to a dedicated and knowledgeable car accident lawyer.

What is Personal Injury Protection Coverage and is it Required in McKinney?

Personal injury protection coverage is a form of insurance that individuals could buy for their own vehicle. While a person is statutorily required to have a minimum of $2,500 PIP in Texas, it is recommended that they buy more. If a driver decides to reject PIP, they are required to sign off saying that they do not wish to be covered. Insurance companies may attempt to sell Med Pro medical protection in lieu of PIP.

Medical protection is subject to subrogation, which makes it subject to be paid back if they have a claim against a third party. Any amount that a person pays in Med Pro could reduce what they get from the third-party since the amount rewarded by the medical protection policy is typically paid back to the injured party’s carrier from at fault carrier. This may reduce the injured party’s net recovery.

Since PIP is not subject to subrogation, it does not have to be paid back to the insurance company. McKinney personal injury protection coverage is one of the many policies that lawyers attempt to coordinate with when evaluating a personal injury claim. It is important to know that PIP benefits usually do not reduce the injured party’s net recovery.

PIP Coverage Impact on a Car Accident Case

No matter the cause of the car wreck, personal injury protection coverage in McKinney usually does not impact the third-party coverage in any way. Instead, it is considered a collateral source of recovery, which is something that the defendants cannot make a claim against.

Without PIP coverage, individuals may not have the funds they need for the initial medical treatment in the immediate aftermath of the accident while the claim is being processed. Without PIP or health insurance, the injured party may be forced to rely on letters of protection to seek treatment. Personal injury protection coverage is an essential source of funds an individual may need if they are involved in a wreck.

Important Information About PIP Coverage

PIP coverage is a first-party coverage which individuals could buy from their insurance company. The insurance carriers typically have different duties to individuals than they do to the third-party.  If the insurance company is not treating an individual in good faith and denies that PIP claim, this could be an actionable case even in relatively small amounts of money. The Texas insurance code carries with it the potential for damages and attorney’s fees.

How McKinney Lawyers Could help a Person Recover After a Car Accident

McKinney lawyers could help individuals understand PIP coverage by fully evaluating all of the potential sources of recovery available. Also, a lawyer could help maximize an injured individual’s maximum recovery. Speak to a knowledgeable lawyer today for more information about McKinney personal injury protection coverage.

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