Seeking Medical Attention Following a McKinney Car Accident

Seeking medical attention following a McKinney car accident could be crucial for one’s health and injury claim. After obtaining proper medical care, it could be used as evidence in a personal injury claim. Contact a lawyer to see how a seasoned car accident attorney could help you recover the damages you may be eligible for.

Failing to Seek Medical Care

After a vehicle accident, it is a mistake to ignore the doctor’s orders and not follow up with medical treatment. Doctors are trained to give individuals the best healthcare that they are able to. If a person does not get timely treatment, notably after serious accidents, they may not heal as fully or as quickly as they normally could.

Lack of medical treatment could affect the plaintiff’s injury claim. A failure to follow the doctor’s orders and advice may be used by the defense to lessen the value of the injured person’s case. The defense could assert that the person is not seriously injured since they are not following the medical professional’s instructions. It could be critically important that the injured person follows their doctor’s advice. Seeking medical attention could also give the plaintiff an idea of how much compensation to pursue following a McKinney car accident.

Why Might an Injured Person Not See a Doctor?

A person may forgo treatment to help other individuals who were hurt in the crash get the medical help they need. This may notably be true if the individuals have a relationship with each other. A mother or father may skip taking care of their health to get help for their injured child. In this case, their treatment could get delayed while dealing with the child’s injury.

At a minimum, the injured person is recommended to get a diagnostic treatment necessary to determine what health problems they may be facing. If an MRI is needed, the person should get it done. Good diagnostic imaging could help a person overcome the idea of a gap in treatment. Delaying the treatment any more than absolutely necessary even if a diagnostic treatment is done.

Lack of Funds or Insurance

An injured person living paycheck to paycheck may be under increased financial stress if they cannot work. Individuals in such a circumstance may not be able to afford the out-of-pocket cost, even if they have health insurance. If someone does not have the money or insurance for medical care, they may avoid seeking treatment.

Unfortunately, not all individuals can afford health insurance. Lawyers could help uninsured individuals get treatment through a letter of protection (LOP). The letter could be used for injuries that are significant enough and in situations where a person feels reasonably certain that there is adequate insurance coverage for the claim. An attorney could write the letter to the doctor saying that if and when this case settles, they will get paid. For more serious injuries, hospitals and doctors simply may not take the risk of whether or not the case is going to settle.

Consult a Lawyer About Seeking Medical Care Following a Car Wreck in McKinney

When seeking medical attention following a McKinney car accident, individuals are recommended to speak with a personal injury attorney. A well-versed lawyer could help manage the obstacles to secure the professional help they need. Reach out to an accomplished attorney today and learn more about your rights.

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