Statute of Limitations in McKinney Car Accident Cases

Following an auto collision, an injured person may incur significant expenses due to medical bills and property damage. While compensation cannot take away a person’s pain completely or reverse the damage suffered in the accident, it could help a person move forward by stabilizing their financial condition. When considering filing for compensation, an individual may also want to learn about the statute of limitations in McKinney car accident cases. These time limits may strongly impact a person’s ability to pursue compensation and hold a negligent party accountable. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer to discuss your potential legal options.

Calculating the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations in a car accident case is simply the amount of time that a person has to file a lawsuit against a negligent party after an auto collision. If a person does not file before the statute of limitations, they may become ineligible to pursue a lawsuit. When someone considers filing a lawsuit after an injury, they should review the rules and guidelines surrounding the statute of limitations in McKinney car accident cases.

Common Influencing Factors on Claim Deadlines

Some factors that may influence the statute of limitations in a car collision case may include the age of the injured person and whether the injured individual has a disability. In Texas, for most car accident cases involving injured minors, the statute of limitations typically does not start until they become legal adults or reach the age of the majority. In other words, the statute of limitations would begin on their 18th birthday and expire on their 20th birthday. Furthermore, in cases where a person is not competent or is incapable of filing a lawsuit, the statute of limitations may be withheld until a trustee can be appointed.

A person may be concerned if a trial takes place after the statute of limitations has closed. However, the statute of limitations generally refers to when the lawsuit is filed and when the defendant is notified, not when the case is actually tried. There are a number of factors that can extend the case beyond two years. For that reason, the statute of limitations is based on when filings occur.

Time limits in car accident cases can be difficult to understand. Therefore, it may be best to consider speaking with a reliable attorney who is well-versed in the statute of limitations in McKinney car accident cases.

Contact a Skilled Lawyer About the Statute of Limitations in McKinney Car Wreck Cases

It is recommended that someone retain the services of an experienced car accident attorney before attempting to comprehend issues surrounding the statute of limitations alone. There are many factors that may impact a person’s case and their ability to pursue financial compensation. With a lot on the line, an injured person may want to further educate themselves on the statute of limitations in McKinney car accident cases and partner with one of our dedicated lawyers. An attorney who understands time limits and car wreck cases could work to identify potential legal strategies of holding a negligent party responsible. Call and schedule an appointment to begin examining your options.

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