Steps Following a McKinney Major Road Accident

There are many things you have to do after being involved in a serious auto accident. These steps consist of precautionary actions to ensure that everyone involved in the accident is safe. Following these actions, you may then begin to think about taking pictures for evidence to help strengthen a compensation claim. There may be instances where you may feel pressured to give an official statement to a police officer or deal with insurance companies. Speak with a professional auto wreck attorney to learn more about the steps following a McKinney major road accident. En Español.

First Steps to Take

When someone is involved in an accident on a McKinney major road, particularly if it is a primary accident, they should get off of the major road as quickly as they possibly can. Everyone involved should immediately turn on hazard lights, to let other people know there are vehicles that are disabled on the side of the road. Individuals should then call the police. If on the Sam Rayburn or Dallas North toll road, the NTAA has their own assistance trucks that can be called for help as well.

If the person’s car is not able to be moved, they should get it to the farthest side of the road. By getting into the safest place possible, the individual can get help first responders get to the scene of the accident.

Basic First Aid & Evidence

Another thing a person needs to do is to render first aid or to do what they can to make sure that other drivers and other people that are involved in the wreck are not hurt catastrophically. Basic first aid helps. Sometimes basic first aid is necessary to prevent worse consequences or bad long-term consequences. After that, if someone is physically able to, the person should take pictures to preserve evidence.

Pictures, statements, witnesses’ names and witness information could prove to be helpful. After that, call a lawyer immediately to make sure that nothing occurs that is going to harm the claim. An attorney can assist with proving negligence. Often, the insurance companies are involved very quickly, particularly if the wreck is with an 18 wheeler or another commercial vehicle. The insurance company may try to take statements immediately before people have the benefit of having a lawyer present.

Providing an Official Statement

People need to understand that they do not have to give a statement to any insurance carrier and they should not give any kind of a statement without the benefit of having a lawyer. An attorney can make sure that the questions that are being asked are fair and also make sure that the responses convey what actually happened.

Sometimes someone may say one thing meaning something else and not realize it. In many situations, a statement does not have to be given at all and should not be given at all. Consult with a lawyer in the initial steps following a McKinney major road accident before giving an official statement.

Talking with an Insurance Company

To prevent the insurance industry from abusing a person in the event that a wreck happens, it is critical to have a lawyer present. Often in these wrecks, people have medical needs that come about in the days and weeks that follow and a lawyer can help coordinate the medical treatment to make sure that the person gets the treatment that they need. Dealing with insurance companies before speaking with an attorney is not a recommended action to take as one of the first steps following a McKinney major road accident.

Importance of Speed of Traffic

The speed of traffic may have an extreme impact on the steps following a McKinney major road accident a person must take. The faster the traffic, the bigger the road, the greater the number of lanes, then the more likely that traffic is to be driving at high speeds. There is also a greater need to get completely off of the road and get into an area that is safe. The faster the traffic is moving, then the less reaction time people have. This increases the likelihood that they are not going to be able to prevent a more catastrophic accident.

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