McKinney Motor Scooters/Vespa Accident Lawyer

McKinney Motor Scooters/Vespa Accident Lawyer

When someone rides their motorcycle or motor scooter on the road, they must follow the same traffic regulations as other motor vehicles. Both motorcycles and motor scooters require specific safety equipment and a special license to operate on McKinney roads.

Motor scooters are different from motorcycles in several ways. They are not designed to go as fast and do not have the same handling characteristics as motorcycles. Additionally, a motor scooter can be operated on sidewalks. In these cases, the laws and regulations change. If these vehicles are involved in collisions, a qualified injury attorney who knows the difference between a motor scooter and motorcycle laws in McKinney could be vital.

Do Injuries Differ Between Motor Scooters and Motorcycles?

Since motor scooters are designed to go at low speeds, they typically are not involved in the catastrophic wrecks that are often associated with motorcycles. However, motor scooters riders often do not see a need to wear a helmet or other safety gear because they travel at such a slow speed. Even at five or ten miles an hour, if a person is knocked off the scooter and hits the ground, it could result in an acute traumatic brain injury or even death.

In general, motor scooter injuries do not differ much from motorcycle accident injuries. Common injuries incurred in motor scooter accidents can range from scrapes and bumps and bruises to severe disfigurement. There are also orthopedic injuries such as broken bones and torn ligaments, particularly in the knees, elbows, arms, and hands. More serious injuries include brain injuries and broken skulls. There are also injuries suffered in more-traditional car wrecks, such as a herniated disk and disk injuries to the neck and back.

Insurance Requirements for Vespas

Operators of a motor scooter on a roadway are required to have the same insurance as all motorists. The minimum insurance required in Texas is a 30-60 liability policy, $30,000 per person, $60,0000 per incident, and up to $25,000 in property damage. Riders must maintain the personal-injury protection and uninsured motorist coverage because of the potential for severe injury. Many drivers in Texas do not have liability insurance, even though it is required. So many wrecks that occur involve motorists without insurance, another reason other motorists should protect themselves from those drivers.

How a Lawyer Handles Motor Scooter Versus Motorcycle Claims in McKinney

How an attorney would approach motor scooter versus motorcycles claims in McKinney could be different due to the social stigmas that come with each vehicle. With the motor scooter accident case, there will not be the same degree of animosity in the community as typically associated with a motorcycle. A motorcyclist’s attorney must show evidence that the rider was not dangerous or reckless.

A lawyer could help someone involved in a motor scooter accident by holding all persons accountable for their negligence and pursuing potential sources of recovery. To get started on your injury claim, call now and schedule your first consultation.

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