Importance of Health Insurance in Motorbike Wrecks

In McKinney, motorcyclists need to protect themselves financially by obtaining health insurance. Should they be injured in a motorcycle crash, motorcyclist need to be able to take care of their medical bills and other costs that they may face. In the event of an injury caused by another, most health insurance providers have a right of subrogation, which is the right to reimbursement from the recovery that someone might make against a third party for damages they had to pay. That layer of complication can create pitfalls for a person with health insurance that is injured by a third party. Validly asserted subrogation rights must be addressed before the case is settled or often the health insurance carrier or other subrogation holder has no incentive to make sure that the settlement is fair to you, the injured person. If an injured claimant does not have health insurance but has a good case, sometimes the injured person can get medical care through letters of protection or other arrangements with doctors who will delay the collection of all or part of their medical fees until after the lawsuit is resolved.

Other Types of Insurance Available to Motorcyclists in McKinney

There are other types of coverages that an individual might need in the event they are going to ride motorcycles. One is a disability insurance policy. These insurance policies pay injured bikers in the event they become physically disabled in a wreck. These policies pay regardless of whether somebody else is at fault for the accident. In addition to liability insurance on a bike, a motorcyclist should also obtain underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, many drivers do not have liability insurance, even though it is required by Texas law and many that do have liability insurance have an inadequate amount of coverage for a significant injury. A motorcyclist should protect themselves from uninsured motorists in the event of an accident by obtaining a significant amount of underinsured/uninsured insurance coverage.

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Can Health Insurance Coverage Limit Recovery?

Texas law has been modified to allow for the recovery of medical bills that have been paid or incurred. A person’s health insurance coverage, or paid sick leave from work, can limit the recovery of past medical expenses for their motorcycle accident in McKinney to the amount actually paid by the health insurer, the out of pocket money paid by the injured person and the amount that is still owed and not written off. In situations without health insurance, if there is a letter of protection, a doctor may agree not to get paid immediately. However, this often means they will be paid a higher rate at the end. While the higher rate can be recoverable because it is considered incurred. However, motorcycle accidents often cause catastrophic injuries, resulting in high medical expenses.

It is often better to use health insurance even though that may reduce the amount of paid medical bills that can be recovered.  Often times, with truly catastrophic injuries, there is simply not enough insurance coverage to allow the injured person to fully recover for their injuries.  In these situations, it is important for the lawyer to understand that and to make sure that the injuries are proven up in a manner that takes a bad situation and makes it survivable for the injured person.  Every case is different.  The approach that the personal injury lawyer must take will differ depending upon factors like potential recovery available, medical evidence needed to prove the claim, and long-term needs of the client.


Time is of the Essence

An individual typically has two years to bring a claim starting from the date of the accident. While health insurance in McKinney motorcycle accidents is important, it is also important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible. It is vital to speak with a lawyer to avoid making errors that could damage their claim. If you or a loved one were harmed in a motorcycle accident, seek a skilled legal representative right away. Call now to schedule your first consultation.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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