McKinney Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

McKinney Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Construction zone accidents probably account for close to 30%-40% of all of the dump truck accidents in McKinney. Construction zones are a magnet for these problems because they often change the normal flow of traffic.

If you were hurt in a collision with a dump truck, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. With the help of a McKinney dump truck accident lawyer, you could hold the at-fault driver accountable for their actions. Contact a dedicated personal injury attorney today to discuss your case.

Common Injuries in Dump Truck Wrecks

Because dump trucks are heavy vehicles, they tend to exert a lot of force on other vehicles in a collision. As a result, neck and back injuries are common in McKinney dump truck accidents. Traumatic brain injuries are also common, with the brain being jostled and slammed into the skull. TBI victims may have problems with executive functioning or other cognitive difficulties. Less commonly, dump truck crashes result in burn injuries. Gas and oil leaks, combined with electronic issues, can lead to serious burns.

Investigating Liability After an Accident

There are a number of things an insurance adjuster has to look at in a dump truck accident. They will look at what happened in the actual wreck. In other words, what actions did the dump truck driver take that caused or that could have avoided the wreck? Why the wreck happened is one of the areas in which a good trial lawyer can help a case, because most adjusters do not have the time or the resources to delve deeply into the why the wreck happened.

Was the dump truck driver working more hours than they should have? Were they being paid by the load, and did they run more loads that day than they should have? Was the dump truck driver intoxicated? Was he even eligible to drive the truck?

Sometimes, lawyers are able to research and find information that tells them why this happened and how it could have been avoided. Very often, that information impacts the way an adjuster looks at the case and the way they evaluate the case.

Overloaded Vehicles

The weight of the vehicle matters in a dump truck case, because some of these vehicles are overweight. If they are overweight, there could be a negligence issue. An overweight dump truck is going to stop more slowly than it should, and it is not going to maneuver the way it was designed to, which creates additional danger for people.

Compensable Damages in a Truck Collision

Dump truck accidents cause a variety of personal injuries – everything from brain injuries to orthopedic injuries, paralysis, and burns. In those situations, the damages vary from case to case. It is common to seek economic damages, or those damages that can be calculated, such as the time a person misses from work and medical bills.

Those are extremely common, but those are probably the least important of the damages that a person can seek. The more important are the human losses, which are those losses that cannot be easily calculated. The damages include:

  • A person’s pain
  • Their mental anguish
  • The value of their physical impairments
  • Not being able to enjoy life
  • Not being able to hold their children
  • Not being able to help their loved ones if they are in need
  • Becoming a person who is now dependent upon others

When there are catastrophic results, sometimes a lawyer can develop life care plans. These life care plans are a way of scientifically taking into account a person’s current problems and the care they will likely need in the future, based on their injuries. An attorney takes this information and makes it into a concrete value for the jury.

A McKinney Dump Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were hurt in an accident, you deserve to relax and focus on healing. Instead, many victims find themselves stressing over medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, compensation may be available with the help of a McKinney dump truck accident lawyer. An attorney could fight for justice on your behalf.

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