Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in McKinney

Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in McKinney

The aftermath of a truck accident can be confusing and scary, particularly if a driver or passenger is seriously injured. An experienced truck accident attorney could help handle the legal aspects of a truck accident claim and take the weight of litigation off of an individual’s shoulders. Still, there are certain mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in McKinney that all potential plaintiffs should know and understand. Call today to learn more.

Admitting Fault Following a Truck Wreck

In the immediate aftermath of a truck wreck, admitting fault is a mistake. Several possible factors can lead to a truck crash. If a situation occurs farther up the road, a truck driver should be able to avoid the obstruction. Failing to do so may mean they are at fault. There are also cases in which a truck driver may not have received the proper training, or the driver does not meet FMCSA requirements, meaning the trucking company is at fault. Injured drivers should never discuss fault at the scene of a crash and should instead simply speak with the authorities about what they experienced and how the accident unfolded.

The risk of apologizing after a truck accident is that it can be seen as an admission of liability rather than just being kind. Even if it does not harm the case, it can create an additional hurdle for the injured person’s lawyer, because the opposing attorneys and insurance adjusters will try to make an apology an admission of fault. Therefore, injured drivers need a lawyer on their side before they consider making apologies, posting on social media, or engaging in other behavior that may harm the effectiveness and viability of their case.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Refusing medical car is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a McKinney truck accident unless the individual is 100 percent certain that they are not hurt. Many people have a difficult time with necessities and basic expenses, and spending $500 to $1,500 on an ambulance ride is something they are unwilling to do unless there is no other choice. If a driver knows that they are seriously injured, however, or that their loved one is seriously injured, seeking immediate care is critical. Treatment can help the person recover quickly and may provide additional evidence for their claim, such as documenting a loss of consciousness and the presence of pain.

Even if the person does not feel drastically injured, receiving immediate medical care at the scene can be crucial. Some injuries, may not be readily apparent after a wreck. The individual may feel okay and look fine on the outside, but have internal bleeding or a severe concussion that endangers their health. In some rare cases, the person may end up dying from a life-threatening issue that was missed because they refused medical care.

Seeking Medical Care Is Critical for Recovering Damages

Another issue with refusing to get medical care is that it means the person loses potential evidence of their damages. For example, traumatic brain injuries are common in wrecks and may leave a person with lifelong complications. By not seeking immediate care, they may not realize that they have such a severe and potentially expensive medical condition. Later, when the claim is pursued, the defendant is sure to challenge the existence of a condition that should have been detected on the scene. It is always in an individual’s best interests to at least be checked out by healthcare professionals.

How an Experienced Truck Collision Attorney Could Help

If you were injured in a truck wreck, you might be entitled to compensation. However, it is critical that you understand the mistakes to avoid after a McKinney truck accident. Knowing this information can help you get the recovery you deserve. Call today to learn about how a skilled legal professional could help you.

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