McKinney Truck Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

McKinney Truck Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

A truck collision of any sort may cause extensive injuries and irreversible property damage. A broadside truck accident may especially incur such damages. If you or a loved one experienced such an accident due to a reckless tractor-trailer operator, consult with a well-practiced McKinney truck side-impact collision lawyer. A dedicated truck accident attorney could evaluate the different factors that may have contributed to the collision and work to demonstrate how a negligent truck driver operated carelessly. Call today and arrange for an appointment to begin determining your best course of legal action.

Defining a T-Bone Truck Collision

A side-impact collision is where the side of one vehicle hits another vehicle. The most common type of side impacts for truck collisions is when an 18-wheeler is trying to navigate between lanes but hits another vehicle because they are already occupying the lane. Construction and heavy traffic are two factors that commonly increase a person’s chance of experiencing an accident, as the driving landscape can change quickly and sporadically.

Steps to Take Following a Side-Impact Tractor-Trailer Accident

When a person is involved in a side-impact collision, the very first thing that they typically must do is move to a safe area. Some of these wrecks are very bad, and the person involved is at the mercy of every other driver out there. Once the wreck has occurred, they may be trapped in their vehicle or hurt so badly that they cannot be moved. However, if they can manage to move to a safer position it is highly encouraged.

After going to a safer part of the collision area, a person should call the police to report the accident and request medical assistance. Depending on a person’s injuries, they should attempt to document the scene. This may include taking photos of the vehicles involved and the collision scene. Preserving evidence could substantially improve a person’s chance in demonstrating how another party acted negligently and caused the crash.

Furthermore, a person should contact a skilled McKinney truck side-impact collision lawyer as soon as possible. If a person sustains a catastrophic injury, they generally will need medical intervention immediately. This often causes costly medical bills to pile up right away. Additionally, the earlier a lawyer gets involved the quicker they could move to help an injured person preserve evidence corresponding with the collision. It is quite common for evidence to degrade or become lost if a lot of time passes between the incident and the start of legal action.

Recovering Damages

The damages that a person may be eligible to recover in a side-impact collision are very similar to other types of damages that they could potentially recover in any other collision. A person may file for medical care, lost wages, property damage and other economic damages. They may also file for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering or loss of consortium.

Advantages of Working with a Side-Impact Truck Collision Lawyer in McKinney

There are many advantages that an injured person may benefit from if they work with a McKinney truck side-impact collision lawyer. An attorney could advocate on an injured person’s behalf, whether it be in the courtroom or communicating with insurance companies. Regardless of the situation, a steadfast injury lawyer who understands truck accidents could fight for an injured person’s right to pursue fair compensation from a careless party that caused their injuries.

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