The Colony Paralysis Injury Lawyer

The Colony Paralysis Injury Lawyer

A paralysis injury is one of the most calamitous life events anybody could experience. The repercussions are not just physical but emotional for victims and their families. If someone else causes an accident and you are partially or entirely paralyzed, a paralysis injury lawyer from The Colony could evaluate your case and help you fight for the compensation you need for long term care. An experienced traumatic injury attorney could stand by your side every step of the way.

Causes of Paralysis

Paralysis could be the result of a neurological condition, or brain and spinal cord injuries in which signals cannot be sent to muscle groups. In some cases, the brain can detect some sensations, but cannot relay signals because of a spinal cord injury, and sometimes it cannot detect any sensations. Although some paralysis is temporary, eventually healing on its own, many victims face a lifetime of special needs and care. Some common causes of paralysis injuries include:

The negligent acts of others cause most of the common paralysis accidents. An attorney in The Colony who is experienced in personal injury cases involving paralysis could review the evidence in each unique situation and fight for proper compensation.

Paralysis and Compensation

An attorney reviewing a paralysis case to determine proper compensation should consider the problems a victim is potentially facing such as restricted blood flow, difficulty breathing, speaking, or swallowing, and if bowel and bladder functions are compromised.  With loss of these necessary functions, the paralyzed person will generally need money for ongoing help from medical and domestic professionals. Paralyzed persons may need special equipment at home and fitted into motor vehicles if they can drive. In many cases, paralysis will restrict the ability of a person to work in the future and interfere with intimate relations.

If the defendant caused the claimant’s paralysis intentionally or because of some outrageous act, the state may award punitive damages in rare situations. A paralysis injury attorney in The Colony could weigh each situation to help determine how much in compensatory damages a defendant should pay and if punitive damages are possible.

What Determines the Degree of Paralysis?

To accurately determine what constitutes fair compensation, the degree of paralysis must be determined. A victim may be completely paralyzed, with no muscle movement, partially paralyzed, with some feeling and possible control over muscles, or locally paralyzed in one area, such as the face or vocal cords.

A paralysis injury attorney will note the group a victim’s generalized paralysis falls into, depending on where the brain or spinal cord is injured.

  • Monoplegia affects one limb
  • Diplegia affects both sides of an area, such as both arms or both legs
  • Hemiplegia is usually caused by a stroke, and affects one side of the body
  • Quadriplegia (or tetraplegia) affects both arms and both legs, and sometimes a person’s organs
  • Paraplegia affects the area from the waist down
  • Locked-in syndrome, the least common generalized paralysis, affects all muscles except those that control eye movements

How is Negligence Defined in Paralysis Cases in The Colony?

To establish negligence, a plaintiff must show that the defendant behaved in an unsafe manner, although a duty existed to behave reasonably toward the plaintiff. The claimant must show the negligent party caused the accident, and the victim sustained paralyzing injuries because of it. The laws are complicated, and a paralyzing accident injury attorney in The Colony could help a client understand them.

A Paralysis Injury Lawyer in The Colony Could Be Your Advocate

If you suffer a paralyzing accident because another person was reckless, you need an advocate who understands how important it is for you to have enough money to cover your future financial needs and compensate you for all you have endured. Call a paralysis injury lawyer in The Colony today to schedule an initial consultation.

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