Federal Maintenance Requirements for Heavy Commercial Vehicles

The equipment on semi-trucks, including tires, is regulated by federal laws such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act and the Codes of Federal Regulations. These regulations require truckers to regularly inspect their safety systems, including tires, before every trip. Specific standards must also be met, such as adequate tire tread and properly functioning brakes and headlights. If a truck fails to meet these standards, the vehicle may be placed in an out-of-service condition, meaning it is too dangerous to be driven until the issues are fixed. Unfortunately, some truckers choose not to follow these rules, leading to a large number of truck accidents caused by defective tires in Denton.


Examples of Hazardous Tire Conditions

Federal regulations call for inspection and fixing of tire conditions that include:

  • Lack of tread
  • Uneven wear and tread
  • Missing tread
  • Potential delamination
  • Herniations in the tire

Our Denton attorneys constantly see poor tire conditions that could cause accidents and fatalities, especially on working trucks such as rock and tree haulers in North and East Texas. These trucks are often heavily loaded and frequently stop to get loaded, causing significant wear and tear on their tires.

Potential Parties Responsible for Truck Crashes Caused by Tire Defects

More than one party may be liable for an injured person’s damages following a tractor-trailer accident caused by a defective tire in Denton, including:

Truck Driver & Company Liability

Truck drivers are responsible for inspecting their tires before every trip. This includes checking the tread for wear patterns, partial delamination, and chunks of rubber. Tires can lose tread for reasons unrelated to manufacturing, such as hitting something on the road. These weak spots can be dangerous and cause the tire to blow when it heats up. Regularly evaluating the tires can help catch manufacturing defects before they cause a blowout. Trucking companies are required by law to ensure their drivers inspect their tires and report any issues on a pre-trip inspection form. However, many drivers and companies fail to comply with this requirement, which can lead to dangerous situations on the road.

Manufacturer Liability

The tire manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that their product is safe for its intended use. When a product defect is the cause of a wreck, then the manufacturer can be held responsible. A product liability lawsuit may be appropriate if the tire was defectively designed, marketed, or manufactured. In most defective tire cases, it is a manufacturing problem caused by a foreign substance in the vulcanization process of the tire. This foreign substance prevents the tire from adhering properly and can cause failure under normal driving conditions, especially in hot weather. These defective manufacturing cases are viable in Texas.

A Denton Attorney Could File Suit for Truck Accidents Caused by Defective Tires

Truck drivers and trucking companies are legally responsible for regularly inspecting their vehicles, including tires, and reporting any issues. When they fail to do so, they can be held accountable for Denton truck accidents caused by defective tires. Additionally, tire manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe for use. You should seek legal representation immediately when you or a loved one are hurt in a truck accident caused by faulty tires. By filing a legal claim, you can receive compensation for your losses and hold negligent parties accountable for their actions. Contact one of the proactive lawyers at McCraw Law Group today to take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

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If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in North Texas, please contact the team at McCraw Law Group today. We are ready to help you in a broad range of serious accident and injury legal issues, and offer multiple ways to reach us.

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