Wide-Turn Truck Accidents in Denton

While truck drivers are trained to make large turns safely, some may not signal their intentions or swing too wide, putting others on the road at risk. Wide-turn truck accidents in Denton often result in devastating injuries for those involved—including severe brain damage, spinal cord trauma, and even permanent paralysis.

When you or a loved one sustain harm in this type of collision, you should immediately reach out to an experienced tractor-trailer crash attorney. Our seasoned legal professionals have experience winning compensation for those injured by negligent truckers and are ready to take on your case.

Common Causes of Wide-Turn Truck Crashes

Although truck drivers are trained to make wide turns safely by using their blinkers, inching closer to the other lane, and making a sharp turn, some fail to follow this standard. This can be especially dangerous when the trucker pulls into the left lane to make a right turn, as the person in the right lane may not know the truck driver’s plans and could be blindsided.

Some truck drivers argue that they had to swing wide to make the turn and that the other driver was at fault for trying to speed around them. Thus, eyewitnesses and video evidence are crucial in determining what actually happened in the aftermath of wide-turn truck wrecks in Denton. In addition, getting law enforcement and legal professionals on the scene quickly to take measurements and preserve evidence before it becomes a he-said, she-said situation is equally important to prove the negligent trucker’s liability.

Commercial Regulations to Avoid Wide-Turn Accidents

The commercial truck driver’s manual says that when making a right turn onto another road, the trucker should be fully in the right lane and inch out just a little bit toward the other lane of traffic after slowing down and putting on their blinker. For left and wide turns, the truck driver should take a right angle, slow down, and go far enough into the intersection before turning.

Most importantly, when a turn cannot be made safely, the driver should abandon the turn and find another safe route. It is unacceptable for truckers to proceed with a dangerous turn and cause a collision because they did not wish to find an alternate route. Truck drivers should always prioritize safety and avoid putting themselves and others in danger.

Roadways in Denton That Are Susceptible to Wide-Turn Trucking Accidents

Highway 380 in Denton is particularly susceptible to wide-turn tractor-trailer accidents due to the presence of numerous businesses and stoplights along the route. Truck drivers often make deliveries in this area and can struggle with making wide turns safely. In addition, the old Highway 377—also known as Locust Avenue—which runs north-south through Denton, can also experience a large number of wide-turn truck crashes due to the many businesses located along the road. Finally, wide-turn collisions may also occur when trucks exit the service roads of Interstate 35, both north and southbound, in Denton.

Are There Roads in Denton that Truckers May Not Drive On?

There are residential roads all over Denton unsuitable for 18-wheelers to drive on. Even though most truck drivers follow this rule, there are some who break it and drive on these roads anyway. Fortunately, injured parties can hold truck drivers liable for their poor judgment when they take an unsafe route and cause an accident.

For the most part, truckers should avoid Highway 380 unless they need to make a delivery because it is not a particularly safe road for them to drive on. Truck drivers passing through Denton without any deliveries to make should take Loop 288 to avoid any potential hazards on the city’s roads. This east-west route will keep them away from areas that require wide turns. For truckers traveling north or south, it is best to stay on the interstate as there are no issues with wide turns there.

Contact a Denton Attorney Following Wide-Turn Truck Accidents

Even if you do everything right by following traffic laws and driving extra-cautiously around trucks, you may still be a victim of a wide-turn truck accident in Denton. However, you have the legal right to hold the at-fault truck driver financially accountable for their reckless or careless conduct that led to your injuries.

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