Common McKinney Bicycle Accident Injuries

Common McKinney Bicycle Accident Injuries

Injuries from bike accidents could range from scrapes and bruises to orthopedic injuries, broken bones, back, neck, internal, and traumatic brain injuries. The unfortunate reality is that when a person is on a bicycle, they may be less protected than those in other types of vehicles and more likely to sustain significant injuries in a wreck. If you were injured in a biking collision, it may be advisable to reach out to a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the common McKinney bicycle accident injuries and how to litigate them. A compassionate attorney could help you find the compensation you need to cover the cost of your damages and injuries.

Aggravated Injuries

A bicycle accident could lead to aggravated injuries because the person is hitting the roadway, concrete, or a vehicle itself. Cars and trucks are designed with the very possibility of a wreck in mind. A car or truck’s safety engineering specifically design the passenger and driver compartments to prevent impact between the occupant and the road or other vehicles. Unfortunately, bicyclists have no such protection. Therefore, a cyclist is likely to be hurt much worse than would be expected in the same impact between two cars.

Traumatic Brain Injuries from Bike Accidents

A traumatic brain injury could be caused by impact to the head and is generally defined as any period of altered mentation following an impact or injury situation. The mere action of stomping hard enough could rattle the brain around inside the skull enough to cause a traumatic brain injury. The laws of the alteration of mentation are characterized by the feeling of being confused or not knowing what is going on in the immediate aftermath of any type of wreck or impact.

A concussion is a brain injury, and like any other bike accident injury, an individual’s recovery may vary depending on who they are, what part of the brain was injured, and what kind of capacity they had before. A traumatic brain injury is one of the most common McKinney bicycle accident injuries, and it is also one of the most serious ones.

Broken Bones

As a matter of simple physics, broken bones may be prone to occur in bicycle accident cases. Since mass times speed equals force, the faster an individual hits the ground and the heavier that individual is, the greater the force that is applied to a particular bone on impact will be, and the higher the likelihood the bone is going to break. Broken bones are very common during falls and bicycle impacts and could be serious or even life-threatening injuries.

Some of the most serious consequences of sustaining a bone injury may include surgery with the implementation of hardware. With a compound fracture, there may be a very high risk of infection because it is typically a dirty wound, which requires a lot of cleaning and antibiotics. Sometimes there may be an infection of the bone called osteomyelitis, which could take a long time to heal and might even result in amputation.

Reach out to a McKinney Lawyer for More Information on Common Bicycle Accident Injuries

These common McKinney bicycle accident injuries can lead to serious long-term complications and expensive medical bills. Therefore, if you have been injured in a bike accident, consult with a lawyer today.

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