McKinney Bicycle Accident Dynamics

McKinney Bicycle Accident Dynamics

McKinney bicycle accident dynamics often result in devastating injuries. Unlike automobile drivers, cyclists have very little protection from other vehicles or objects in the environment. Even at low speeds, a collision between an automobile and a bicycle can result in extreme medical bills, life-long impairment, or even death for the cyclist.

If you or a loved one were injured due to a bicycle accident, you may have a valid personal injury claim. A compassionate bike crash attorney could work on your behalf to recover the compensation you need for your injuries. Call today to discuss your situation.

Common Biking Accidents in McKinney

Bicycle collisions commonly occur in neighborhoods and involve children. Cyclists may also be injured on the roadways, as drivers just do not see them. The issue is simply the difference in size between a bicycle and other vehicles. The smaller a vehicle is, the less it is observable by others. Drivers also create dangerous situations when they attempt to pass bikes on single-lane roads.

Many accidents involve drunk drivers whose intoxication exacerbates the problem that drivers often have seeing bicyclists and motorcyclists because of their size. Intersection collisions are fairly common and normally happen because people do not see or appreciate that the bicycle is making a left-hand turn or crossing an intersection. People going in the same direction sometimes pass too close to a bicyclist, and the wind created by their car or truck can push the bicyclist over.

Frequent Cyclist Injuries

The lack of protection for bike riders tends to make bicycle collisions much more severe than accidents between two vehicles. If someone is in a car or truck, the metal and plastic surrounding them provide some protection in preventing impacts with hard objects. They also have the protection of seatbelts, airbags, and other restraints, so they do not suffer the same impact that cyclists face when they hit the hard road.

Common injuries that result from bicycle accidents are the typical orthopedic ones, ranging from broken bones to neck and back injuries. Bicyclists and motorcyclists are more prone to mild traumatic brain injuries that people in cars or trucks. Traumatic brain injuries can happen when people hit the ground very hard and the brain either moves back and forth in the skull or hits the skull. That is one of the reasons safety experts advocate for bicyclists and motorcyclists to wear well-designed helmets.

It is also common to have strawberry injuries in which the skin is torn away when a person hits pavement and skids across it. There are also de-gloving injuries, in which the skin is pulled back off of a limb. It is rare for someone involved in a higher speed bicycle accident to just get up, brush it off, and get back on their bike.

What is Unique about the Dynamics of Bike Crashes in McKinney?

Bicycle collisions happen more frequently than other types of accidents in the McKinney area due to an enormous amount of road construction. With that comes constantly changing traffic patterns, and motorists going through those construction zones are not fully aware of all the potentials for harming other folks. In busy areas with cones or barrels guiding traffic, it is easier for someone in a motor vehicle to miss bicyclists.

Population growth in the McKinney area means a lot more people are using the roads, including bicyclists. There are bike trails, but they do not always take a person from point A to point B, so cyclists are exposed on the roads going to and from. That creates a potential for danger that may not be a factor in more-established areas.

Ask an Attorney about Bicycle Accident Dynamics in McKinney

If you were injured in a bicycle accident due to a negligent motorist, you may be able to recover damages. McKinney bicycle accident dynamics can result in devastating injuries, and victims often face considerable stress due to subsequent medical expenses. Reach out to a dependable attorney for assistance.

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