Steps to Take Following a McKinney Bicycle Accident

Steps to Take Following a McKinney Bicycle Accident

The immediate aftermath of a bicycle accident could often be full of turmoil and unforeseen dangers. Individuals may get caught up in the chaos of the situation and put themselves in greater risk of physical injuries and legal complications. While you might be disinclined to contemplate such an event, it may be beneficial to speak to an experienced lawyer and discuss what steps you should take following a McKinney bicycle accident. A knowledgeable bike collision attorney could educate you on how to keep yourself safe and free from legal liabilities and could even provide you with legal counsel following an accident.

Seeking Safety and Medical Treatment

Immediately following a bicycle accident, the most important thing an individual could do is to make sure that they and everyone else involved are unharmed and in a safe place. When bicyclists are involved in collisions on the road, they may be exposed to potential danger from a secondary impact. Bicyclists should proceed to get off the road and find a place of safety where other vehicles will not hit them.

After making sure everyone is safe, the immediate injuries of everyone involved must be addressed by rendering first aid and calling the authorities. It is vital for injured individuals to seek medical treatment. Once this is taken care of, insurance information must be exchanged and evidence must be preserved.

Contacting an Attorney

One of the most important steps to take following a McKinney bicycle accident is contacting a lawyer. The more drastic an individual’s injuries are, the more critical it could be to call a lawyer immediately. Attorneys do not want evidence disappearing, which may happen if it is not immediately preserved. The sooner a lawyer is contacted, the sooner the could begin working on the case.

How a Lawyer Could Help

After a bicycle accident, an attorney could coordinate insurance coverages so that the maximum amount of recovery ultimately is made and could help coordinate the medical care. There are times that the injured party may not have health insurance or they may not have the means to get the health care that they need. In these circumstances, attorneys could coordinate the steps needed to give individuals the coverage and care necessary to make a proper recovery. Attorneys may also at times write what are called letters of protection to help that person get the medical treatment that they need to take care of themselves.

Getting an attorney involved early on could preserve the evidence that individuals may not have the time to get. An attorney could locate witnesses, get their statements, and preserve the evidence that must be collected early.

Consult with an Attorney in McKinney

Handling a bicycle accident case without a lawyer may not be an advisable decision. One of the many pitfalls of such a decision may include speaking to the insurance adjusters when negotiating the claim. Anytime an individual speaks to an adjuster, the adjuster could ask for recorded statements and may probe to create or identify evidence to harm the claim.

Another pitfall is that the bicyclist may not know the law. They might not understand what they are and are not entitled to, and consequently, they could overlook areas of damages, such as some of the future damages that might come into play.  By overlooking these damages, the injured person may radically limit the potential recovery without realizing.

A well-practiced bicycle accident lawyer may have the experience to recognize how much in damages a plaintiff should be awarded for their respective attorneys. This is why it is important that you reach out to a lawyer to learn more about the steps to take following a McKinney bicycle accident. Call now to speak with an accomplished attorney at our firm.

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