Building a McKinney Dog Bite Claim

Building a McKinney Dog Bite Claim

If you were attacked by a dog, you may feel that your injuries speak for themselves. Many dog bite victims try to handle their cases alone, but building a McKinney dog bite claim is more complicated than it may appear.

A knowledgeable dog bite lawyer understands what insurance companies, judges, and juries want to see in a dog bite case. Attorneys understand how to find the facts and use them to your advantage. Reach out to an experienced lawyer today to discuss your situation.

Research Needed for a Dog Bite Claim

The kind of research that goes into building a McKinney dog bite claim depends on the circumstances. Some examples of important facts in a case include:

  • The breed of the dog
  • What the owner did or did not do
  • How and why the attack happened
  • What the injuries are
  • What the insurance policy sets.

If there is an exclusion that would apply on this dog attack, an attorney should know that sooner rather than later. If the homeowner’s insurance policy does not have any coverage for dog bite attacks, a victim could be practically precluded from going forward.  While a claim against the property owner may still be pursued, without insurance coverage the claim may not be economically feasible.

Elements that can Positively Impact a Claim

Some things that may positively impact a claim include the breed of the dog, past aggressiveness of the dog, and prior bad acts or aggressiveness of the dog owner. If it is an aggressive dog, if the breed has traditionally dangerous propensities, if the dog itself has prior episodes of violence, or if the owner has a disregard for the danger of the dog, these liability facts are going to add value. Obviously, no one will ever want to be more injured to increase the value of a claim, but the more severe the injuries, the higher the value of the claim.

Dog’s History of Violence

If the dog has a proven history of violence or an aggressive nature, this is a dog that the owner or keeper should have known is violent. When building a McKinney dog bite claim, a victim’s personal injury lawyer must usually prove that the dog has a history of being aggressive. Proving that aggressiveness is usually necessary to prevail at all unless the breed of the dog is aggressive by nature.  A bite or attack alone is not normally

Elements that can Negatively Impact a Claim

Something that may negatively impact a claim is if the injured party provoked the dog, because a person cannot be a bad actor and hope to recover damages. If the owner does not have any knowledge of the dog’s dangerous propensities, that is going to be a problem for the victim. In most general negligence cases, the owner has to have to have some degree of knowledge about the dog’s dangerous propensities for the victim to win a court case.

Letting a McKinney Dog Bite Attorney be Your Advocate

If you were injured by a dog bite, you should not risk handling your case alone. Building a McKinney dog bite claim is a complicated process which is best left to the experts. A McKinney dog bite lawyer could examine the facts of your case and put together a claim tailored to your circumstances. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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