Contacting a McKinney Dog Bite Attorney

Contacting a McKinney Dog Bite Attorney

Contacting a McKinney dog bite attorney after you have been attacked by a dog is essential to your recovery. A seasoned lawyer could help you file a claim so that you can hold the responsible party accountable and get the compensation that you deserve. Accomplished dog bite attorneys have experience helping injured victims by establishing fault, gathering evidence, assessing the facts of the case, speaking with insurance companies, and negotiating the settlement offer.

Establishing Negligence and Collecting Evidence After a Dog Bite

Contacting a McKinney dog bite attorney right away is important so that they can gather evidence and establish negligence as quickly as possible. In a car wreck, an accident report is provided by the police department. The accident report contains identifying information about the driver, the driver’s insurance company, and also contains a brief synopsis of the investigation conducted by the officer. However, dog bite investigations do not also contain a report with that important information. This is why it is necessary for an injured victim to reach out to a lawyer. An attorney could find out how owns the dog, if the owner has insurance, and how the incident occurred. It is vital that the lawyer is contacted immediately so that they can begin the investigation of the case and gather evidence.

Evaluating the Facts of the Case

Dog bites can be very serious, which is why it critical to do a full assessment of the case and the extent of the victim’s injuries. People typically have more than just physical injuries following a dog attack. Depending on the severity of the attack, the victim may suffer emotional and psychological trauma. By contacting a McKinney dog bite attorney, the injured victim could have a seasoned legal professional who can provide a thorough evaluation of the case. Without a full evaluation, they could be at risk of not being fully compensated for their injuries.

Lawyers Could Speak With the Insurance Company

A person who has obtained a lawyer could have the attorney speak with the insurance company on their behalf. Many people may not be aware that an insurance company will have traps that they will try to get the injured party to fall into. The insurance company may attempt to use a recorded statement against the injured party in order to place blame on the victim. Before making any statements with an insurance company, it is imperative to get a lawyer. In the immediate aftermath of an injury, insurance adjusters are usually sent out to contact the injured party to adjust the claim. The adjuster is trying to keep the insurance company from paying as much money as possible. However, a lawyer has experience handling insurance adjuster and ensuring that the injured party could recover the damages that they deserve.

Importance of Contacting a McKinney Dog Bite Lawyer

Some people may wait to contact a lawyer because of the fear of the unknown. They may be afraid that attorneys cost too much or they cannot afford one. Also, they might be concerned about what might happen to the dog if they go forward with litigation. However, contacting a McKinney dog bite attorney and coming in for a free consultation could set many of these fears aside. An attorney could analyze your case, assign liable, calculate damages, and negotiate with the at-fault party to ensure that you could be fully compensated for your injuries.

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