Expert Witnesses in McKinney Dog Bite Cases

Expert Witnesses in McKinney Dog Bite Cases

Dog attacks can be traumatic experiences, and these cases can quickly become complicated. It can be difficult to organize a case on your own, but an experienced attorney could help you fight for a favorable outcome. Contact a lawyer who understands when to use expert witnesses in McKinney dog bite cases, and you may have a better chance in court.

When to Use an Expert Witness

Whether expert witnesses come into play in a McKinney dog-attack trial depends on the specific situation. When attorneys need expert witnesses in McKinney dog bite cases, the type of professionals used will depend on the needs of the individual case. Types of expert witnesses can include:

  • medical doctors
  • veterinarians
  • a canine unit or canine officer
  • a dog breeder, or someone with experience and training with that type of breed.

For example, medical experts can offer their opinions on medical or psychological injuries, and other experts have expertise about the breed of the dog and behavior. There is a difference between pit bulls and dachshunds, whether it is a dangerous breed and why it is. Those decisions are case by case, and one will not always need an expert in a dog-attack case. A plaintiff’s expert witnesses are not likely to hurt the injury claim, but they may be unnecessary.

Consequences of a Dog Attack

The victim of a dog attack could sustain life-altering injuries. If serious injuries occur, a medical professional may be a helpful expert witness. Some examples of dog attack injuries can include:

  • Lacerations
  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Permanent scarring
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage

The potential consequences for the dog involved in a dog-bite case in McKinney are up to Animal Control to determine; normally it is not a civil personal injury issue. If Animal Control is notified, they will normally quarantine the animal after the attack. If the attack is more severe or the dog has attacked before, the animal may not be returned to its owner. A dog bite attorney can certainly communicate with Animal Control on the victim’s behalf and guide them through that process, however.

Liability in McKinney Dog Bite Cases

Situations can arise which would make liability difficult to prove in a McKinney dog bite case. For example, a defendant could suggest the injured party was provoking the dog, was otherwise interfering with the dog, or even that the victim was trespassing. There may be a negative impact on a dog-attack claim if the plaintiff is determined to be at least partially liable. The impact would depend on how much they are found liable for. If an injured party has any substantial liability assigned, it will be because of a bad act by the injured party. In these situations, expert witnesses with knowledge or experience about specific dog breeds may be useful to a case.

If you were injured by a dog bite, you may face serious injuries and other complications. An experienced dog attack lawyer could help guide you through the process, and they will understand when to use expert witness in McKinney dog bite cases. Contact a lawyer today who could help you recover any compensation you may be entitled to.

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