Common Motorcycle Accident Causes in McKinney

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents McKinneyMotorcycle drivers take the good with the bad – the beauty of the open road with the serious risk of injury or death. Motorcycles are smaller and lighter than cars, and face unique risks:

  • Less visible to cars
  • Susceptible to road hazards
  • Reduced control
  • No barrier between rider and the road

Bikers can take steps to reduce these risks, but statistics show that crashes involving motorcycles with other vehicles account for over 50 percent of motorcycle deaths, making it important that a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer is contacted. En Español.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

  • Head on Collisions. Head on collisions with a car are often fatal to the motorcycle rider. Hitting a car from the rear happens less often. Statistics show that 78 percent of the time, a car will strike a motorcycle from the front.
  • Lane Splitting. When cars are locked in bumper-to-bumper traffic, motorcycle drivers can be tempted to split the lanes between cars. Lane splitting occurs when a motorcycle drives on top of lane markers instead of between the stripes. Lane splitting reduces the space between a bike and the cars and diminishes the reaction time if a car swerves or changes lanes.
  • Speeding and Alcohol. Driving at excessive speeds and driving under the influence are dangerous for passenger cars and motorcycles. If other drivers drive under the influence, their reactions are slowed and may be less likely to see a motorcycle around them.
  • Road Hazards. Debris on the road is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. Body armor and helmets can help provide some protection, but motorcycle drivers are often forced to lay down their bikes to avoid collisions with large debris or animals on the road.
  • Cars Making Left Turns. This is the number one cause of a motorcycle accident. These collisions make up 42% percent of all accidents. Cars turning left will often underestimate the speed and distance of a motorcycle and hit a bike while crossing traffic. The left hand turning car is almost always at fault.

Help From A McKinney Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact an experienced lawyer to begin processing your case. The injury attorneys at McCraw Law Group will look at three types of damages that may apply to your case: medical damages, lost wages, mental anguish. Our attorneys diligently research the details of your case to determine the how much compensation you can be eligible to receive.