Recovering Damages after a McKinney Motorcycle Accident

Recovering Damages after a McKinney Motorcycle Accident

The losses associated with a serious motorcycle crash in Texas usually do not stop with personal injuries. In addition to the medical expenses related to treating physical harm, other financial expenses may include from missed time at work, property and bike repairs or replacement, and lost earning capacity. The emotional trauma of being in a motorcycle crash would only aggravate these losses.

To achieve the best possible result in your case, you need to be aware of what losses you could recover and what obstacles might stand between you and financial restitution. To learn more about recovering damages after a McKinney motorcycle accident, get in touch with a qualified attorney.

Common Losses in a Motorbike Wreck

The recovery that someone can claim after a motorcycle accident in McKinney varies based on what damages they have. The common recoverable damages include past and future medical costs, loss of past or future earnings, mental anguish, and physical impairment. Loss of household services could sometimes come into play in the event of catastrophic harm or long-term damages.

Recovery can be comprised of both economic and non-economic damages. In cases where the other driver has shown an egregious lack of care, recognizing the danger of what they did but choosing to do it anyway, the injured person may be able to also recover punitive or exemplary damages. However, this type of recovery is rare.

Furthermore, there are no caps on non-economic damages for personal injuries resulting from a motorcycle wreck. Damage limitations in Texas only apply to medical negligence cases, but not to third-party liability cases such as car, truck, or motorcycle wrecks.

Can a Hit and Run Affect a Motorcyclist’s Recovery?

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are at a unique risk for hit and runs because they are often severely harmed and not in a position where they can stop the person who hit them. Additionally, hit-and-run incidents with motorcyclists occur more often than they do with other vehicles since people sometimes think it is easier to get away with.

Damages are difficult to recover in hit-and-run motorcycle accidents in McKinney. Fortunately, when a motorcyclist has been impacted in a hit-and-run incident, they can always maintain a claim against their underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage, and sometimes a dedicated attorney may be able to find the at-fault driver.

The injured biker must get to an attorney quickly so the attorney can see if they can identify the third party. There have been many situations in which legal counsel has been able to identify a third party through cameras, witnesses, and occasionally even with the help of their underinsured motorist carrier.

An Attorney Could Help Recover Damages After a McKinney Motorcycle Crash

Identifying and calculating all damages resulting after a McKinney motorcycle crash is vital for a successful claim. However, doing so effectively can be tough for an inexperienced motorcyclist to handle alone. Speaking with a knowledgeable lawyer with experience recovering compensation on behalf of injured bikers could improve your chances of a positive result. Get started on your case by calling and scheduling your initial consultation now.

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