Role of a McKinney Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Role of a McKinney Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Immediately following a motorcycle accident, everyone involved should get themselves to a safe area. The rider and the passengers are often vulnerable to additional injury from other passing motor vehicles, especially if the wreck happens at night or in bad weather. After getting themselves and others safe, they should contact emergency medical care. It is also critical to preserve evidence in the immediate aftermath of the wreck.

The role of a McKinney motorcycle accident attorney is to help you seek compensation for your losses. A well-practiced motorcycle accident attorney could help you gather the necessary evidence, advise you on the best steps to take, and guide you through the litigation process.

Speaking to McKinney Insurance Companies

There is no law that requires an injured person to contact an insurance company after a wreck. Though it may be best to notify the insurance company, it is always better to have a lawyer handle that conversation.

Insurance companies often will minimize the severity of one’s injuries and deflect blame off the person they are insuring. If a person is involved in a motorcycle wreck, they often do not know the full extent of their medical injuries for many weeks or months. Insurance companies try to use that fact to limit the compensation they pay.

If a motorcycle rider does not have insurance, they should still contact a lawyer if another person is at fault for their injury. Texas does not prevent people from bringing third party accident claims if they do not have insurance.

In cases where they do not have health insurance, they can get the medical treatment they need is by hiring an attorney to issue letters of protection. This is increasingly common as more people go without health insurance.

Why an Attorney is Helpful Following a Motorcycle Crash

It is important to contact an attorney quickly to preserve evidence, to prevent the injured party from making critical mistakes in dealing with the insurance company and doctors. For example, if an injured individual posts about their wreck or injuries online can affect the value of the claim.

An attorney could also help an injured person by getting witness statements, preserving evidence, and ensuring they have appropriate medical care. They could help the injured individual understand and coordinate their insurance benefits and guide them on the best practices to prevent diminishing their potential claim. A lawyer also knows the legal deadline to file a suit and can help determine whether the person is eligible to file a claim.

Contact a Seasoned Attorney After a McKinney Motorcycle Accident

Filing an injury claim following a motorcycle wreck can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Without the experience and knowledge of the legal requirements and time-limits, you could unintentionally decrease or lose your potential recovery. The role of a McKinney motorcycle accident attorney is to give you the best chance of getting the compensation you need and deserve. To learn more about what a lawyer could do for you, call now and schedule a consultation.

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