Parking Lot Car Accidents in Parker

Parking Lot Car Accidents in Parker

While many people may think collisions mostly only on highways and other popular roadways, more vehicle accidents occur in parking lots than on freeways, according to the Institute for Driver Safety. Parking lot car accidents in Parker might involve a combination of moving vehicles, stationary vehicles, and pedestrians.

An experienced car accident attorney could help someone harmed in a parking lot wreck secure the compensation they deserve. Getting help from a professional advocate soon after an accident is the most effective way for an injured party to safeguard their rights.

Types of Wrecks in Parking Lots

Parking lots contain driving or through lanes and parking spaces. Usually, a vehicle in a through lane has the right of way over a vehicle in a parking lane.

Most parking lot crashes involve:

  • Two vehicles backing out of spaces and colliding
  • A vehicle moving out of a parking space and into the through lane without the right of way
  • Drivers competing for a parking space failing to yield
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Vehicles striking pedestrians

Vehicle collisions in parking lots are typically due to either driver inattention or failure to yield the right of way. If it is found that the defendant driver was distracted at the time of the parking lot wreck, such as by texting, a skilled local attorney could hold them legally liable for the resulting damages.

How Serious are Vehicle Collisions in Parking Lots?

In Parker, severe injuries to drivers and passengers are uncommon in parking lot collisions, because the vehicles typically are travelling at low speeds. An exception is whiplash, an injury to the neck that can occur when cars collide.

On the other hand, cars in parking lots often hit pedestrians. Pedestrians typically use parking lot through lanes to get back and forth to their cars, and it is up to drivers to ensure that the through lanes are clear before proceeding. Even at low speeds, a pedestrian could suffer severe, permanent injuries from being hit by a car. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to being hit by vehicles in parking lots.

Pedestrians can suffer broken bones, head injuries, back trauma, and lacerations. In severe cases, a pedestrian could die after being struck by a car.

Statute of Limitations in Parker

Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003 allows an injured person only two years to bring a lawsuit seeking damages. Even if the injured party intends to settle a claim out of court, it is essential to meet this legal deadline as the defendant’s insurance company can refuse to settle once the statute of limitations has expired.

Reach Out to a Parker Attorney After a Parking Lot Car Accident

Establishing fault for a parking lot car accident in Parker is critical to the determination of liability. Insurance companies often try to assign fault to the injured in an attempt to reduce their responsibility.

Fortunately, seasoned legal professionals could build a strong claim against allegations of claimant fault. Schedule a complimentary consultation to meet with a strong advocate who could fight for your right to fair compensation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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