Rear-End Car Accidents in Parker

Rear-End Car Accidents in Parker

Rear-end traffic accidents are relatively common. One driver can cause another to crash into them by stopping suddenly or pulling into rapidly moving traffic. Such collisions end up doing little harm in some cases, but in others, they cause severe damage, especially if the rear driver is speeding or not paying attention to the road.

If a rear-end car accident in Parker causes physical, emotional, or financial losses, a local lawyer could recommend legal options for compensating an injured driver or passenger. An experienced attorney could review your case to see if you might be entitled to financial compensation, helping you pay for property damage and medical expenses.

What Causes People to Be Rear-Ended?

Drivers are expected to travel at safe speeds and far enough from other cars to allow for sudden stopping. Brake failure, speeding, or tailgating can cause a rear-end collision. Someone who texts while driving or operates a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol could also cause a motorist to crash into another driver.

Rear-end collisions in Parker can severely injure the driver struck from behind as well as the driver who strikes them. While a driver who hits another from behind has the greater chance of facing liability, any driver or passenger involved in the accident could suffer from whiplash, brain trauma, or broken bones.

Proportionate Responsibility for Damages

Under §33.001 of theTexas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, in a trial for damages, the jury or judge must assign a percentage of liability to all parties involved in a case. The court then reduces the total damages award by the claimant’s share of fault. Rear-end collisions in Parker caused by failing to use turn signals, driving while distracted, sudden stopping, intoxicated driving, or broken brake lights could result in a reduced damages award.

If a defendant is assigned more than 50 percent of total responsibility, they are jointly and severally liable for all recoverable damages. Therefore, that defendant may be held individually responsible for the liability of all defendants. Someone who pays more than their share of damages may recover for their overpayment by suing other jointly liable parties should joint and several liability apply.

Types of Recoverable Compensation

In a legal claim for injury or wrongful death, a claimant could receive compensatory damages, which include economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages compensate a claimant for their out-of-pocket expenses, while non-economic damages cover intangible losses, such as pain and suffering. A claimant awarded compensatory damages may be eligible for exemplary (punitive) damages if their harm arose from fraud, malice, or gross negligence.

Texas places limits on the exemplary damages a claimant can receive. A jury may award them only if it unanimously finds liability and decides on a specific amount. The claimant must also clearly prove the existence of conditions allowing such damages.

Learn More About Rear-End Accidents from a Parker Attorney

If you suffered harm in a rear-end car accident in Parker, a local injury attorney could help you seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If someone you love passed away after being rear-ended, an attorney could help you file a wrongful death claim.

People who are injured by someone else’s negligent or reckless behavior have a right to pursue compensation. Call our office today and schedule a consultation on your case with our trustworthy attorneys.

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