Parker Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Parker Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Paralysis is one of the most devastating injuries someone can experience. Paralyzing injuries can permanently change a person’s future and leave them facing irreparable, and sometimes completely debilitating, physical limitations.

If you or your loved one are now paralyzed due to another person’s careless actions, you may wish to speak with a Parker paralysis injury lawyer. A well-practiced personal injury attorney could evaluate the facts around your injury to determine your right to compensation and assess what course of action may be possible for your case.

Types of Paralyzing Injuries

While treatment may prove beneficial in lessening the severity of a person’s paralysis, these injuries are usually permanent. Paralysis can impact one or multiple limbs, or the entire body, depending on the location of the spinal cord damage. Paralysis can occur for variety of reasons, such as an injury at birth, motorcycle crash, auto accident, or violent act.

There are several distinct types of paralysis, each of which indicates the body region where there is loss of use and sensation. Quadriplegia is the most severe form of paralysis, involving complete loss of mobility in all limbs. Monoplegia is when a single extremity becomes paralyzed while hemiplegia is paralysis of a single side. A person can also experience paralysis from the waist down only, which is known as paraplegia.

Proving Defendant Negligence in Paralysis Claims

In order for a claimant to recover financial compensation in a civil suit, their injuries must have been caused by someone else’s negligent actions. A dedicated lawyer in Parker must establish four elements to prove a defendant is responsible for the claimant’s paralysis.

First, the defendant must have owed the paralyzed individual a duty of care. For instance, a motorist has a legal responsibility to use reasonable precautions when operating their vehicle to avoid inflicting injury upon others. Once it has been established that the defendant owed the claimant a legal duty, the lawyer must show that a breach of this duty occurred.

If the claimant became paralyzed in a vehicle wreck, the defendant may be found to have breached their duty if they run a red light, disobey a traffic sign, or engage in another act of reckless driving. There must also be a direct relationship between the defendant’s breach and the individual’s paralysis.

The last element an attorney must establish is that the injuries suffered by the claimant resulted in compensable losses. These can include medical bills, at-home care, decreased quality of life, and loss of consortium, among other damages.

Seek Guidance from a Parker Paralysis Injury Attorney

If you believe you may have grounds to file a civil case after suffering a paralyzing injury, you could benefit from consulting with an accomplished attorney. A Parker paralysis injury lawyer could help you understand your rights and assess your potential case’s overall value. If another party’s negligence caused your injury, a skilled attorney could advocate for your interests and seek the maximum compensation in and out of court. Book your free consultation with a trustworthy attorney today.

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