Apartment Building Injuries in Denton

Apartment Building Injuries in Denton

If you sustained injuries because an apartment building owner failed to inspect and repair hazardous conditions, you could be eligible to collect compensation for damages. State premises liability laws protect tenants and their visitors when they sustain injuries because of unsafe conditions on the property.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for property owners and their insurance companies to blame the accident on the party with injuries, which is why working with a competent premises liability attorney could make all the difference for your case. A skilled lawyer experienced with apartment building injuries in Denton could help prove liability and collect compensation for damages and losses.

Apartment Building Owners Have a Duty to Keep the Premises Safe

Apartment building owners must do their due diligence to ensure that residents and visitors who enter the property are reasonably safe. Their responsibility applies from keeping up with regular maintenance to repairing potential hazards and watching for security issues. Property owners and managers must do regular inspections to check for potential risks, including:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Missing or broken handrails
  • Potholes and other parking lot hazards
  • Chipped sidewalks and other tripping risks
  • Potential security threats
  • Roof damage and possible risks from falling debris

A diligent attorney in Denton could help complete a thorough investigation to collect the evidence needed to prove legal liability for the injuries the claimant received in the apartment building.

Seeking Medical Attention and Insurance Company Communication

After suffering injuries at an apartment complex, it is vital to seek immediate medical attention. Seeking care is essential for health, recovery, and will also help prove damages if the case goes to civil court. Failing to seek medical attention will also give the apartment building’s insurance agency reason to fight the claim. Even when the injured party does not have medical insurance, they must get treatment. If the claim is successful, a jury will decide what amount of compensation an injured party should be paid for their damages, which could include among other things past medical expenses, future medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

After the injured party reports the accident to their landlord, the insurance company representing them will likely reach out. Insurance companies are working for their company’s best interest. That means the adjuster often tries to place responsibility for the injuries and accidents on the tenant. A Denton lawyer experienced with apartment building liability could work with the insurance representative on their client’s behalf.

Denton Landlord and Tenant Statute

State law requires landlords to ensure the apartment building is safe for residents and visitors. According to Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Sec. 92.001, when apartment building owners and managers rent to attendants, they guarantee that the building is safe. The law requires that landlords urgently repair unsafe conditions. They must inspect the property regularly and respond to any tenant reports of hazards.

If the owner is made aware of a dangerous condition and refuses to make the premises safe and injuries result from that dangerous condition, the tenant will likely have cause to file a civil claim. However, it is critical to remember that if the resident or a guest creates an unsafe condition for which the owner/landlord is unaware, it is likely that the owner/landlord will not be held liable for injuries caused by the unknown condition created by the resident or a guest.  A well-versed apartment building accident lawyer knows the ins and outs of premises liability laws and tenant rights. They could help review the statute and details of the accident to see if there is a reason to file a compensation claim.

Call an Attorney about Apartment Building Injuries in Denton

When tenants or their guests sustain severe injuries because property managers were negligent, they may have the right to collect significant compensation to cover losses. If you suffered injuries because a landlord failed to keep the property safe, call a skilled legal professional as soon as possible to begin your claim.

A driven lawyer seasoned in apartment building injuries in Denton could help identify the cause for injuries and prove the landlord was liable. Get in touch now to get started.

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