Denton Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

Denton Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawyer

Commercial property premises liability claims occur when a person sustains injuries on a business property because of reasonably foreseeable hazards. A dedicated premises liability attorney could help with a number of situations, such as, a faulty handrail at an apartment complex, an icy patch in a mall parking garage, an assault because of the lack of security, or a vicious animal attack on grocery store property.

When you enter commercial premises and sustain injuries because of negligence, a court will likely grant you compensation for your damages and losses. If someone else’s careless actions caused your accident, contact an experienced Denton commercial property premises liability lawyer to discuss the details of your case.

Common Commercial Property Premises Liability Lawsuit Causes

There are many ways a person could suffer injuries on commercial properties. Some of the most common include:

A skilled Denton attorney could review the specifics of the accident and help their client collect the evidence needed to prove their commercial property case successfully.

Recoverable Damages in a Denton Commercial Property Premises Liability Case

If the injured party’s attorney could prove liability and negligence of the commercial property owner in civil court, the court will award damages in two categories.

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover out-of-pocket monetary losses such as medical expenses and lost wages. The court will review evidence of injuries and factor in future losses if necessary to return the injured party to the same financial position they were in before the accident.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages cover intangible losses the injured party faces after a severe injury. This category can include pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and losing enjoyment of life.

State Limited Liability Statute in Premises Liability Cases

Civil legislation divides property visitors into three categories depending on their reason for the visit. The three visitor types are invitee, licensee, and trespasser. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Sect. 75.002 states that commercial property owners are not accountable for damages a trespasser sustains after entering the property without permission. There are two exceptions to this rule. When a property owner intentionally sets traps or leaves hazards to cause physical harm to the trespassers, they could be accountable for injuries.

There is also an exception for the law of attractive nuisance. An attractive nuisance is an object that is likely to attract children, such as a swimming pool. If the owner has an item like this on their property, it is their responsibility to ensure they safely lock and secure the property. If the property is open and a child endures injuries, the civil court will likely hold them responsible for damages. A knowledgeable lawyer in Denton could answer commercial liability rules and legislation questions.

Call an Experienced Commercial Property Premises Liability Attorney in Denton

Contact a skilled legal professional right away if you entered a commercial property to conduct business and suffered injuries because of misconduct or negligence. Property owners have a legal duty to inspect, repair, and warn of any potential hazards a guest entering the premises may face.

When they neglect to provide this duty, a court could hold them legally and financially accountable. If you were in an accident, contact a skillful Denton commercial property premises liability lawyer to schedule a time to meet.

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