Denton Toxic Chemical Exposure Lawyer

Denton Toxic Chemical Exposure Lawyer

Exposure to toxic chemicals can severely threaten your health and overall well-being. Making the hazard more dangerous is that the chemical could poison a person over long periods, with no one noticing until symptoms are apparent. Toxic chemicals can also be challenging to detect, especially in environments with various chemicals in stock.

Those injured by hazardous chemicals will likely need long-term medical care and plenty of time to rest and recuperate. Therefore, working with a compassionate premises liability attorney is crucial for the chance to recover compensation. Call a seasoned Denton toxic chemical exposure lawyer today to schedule a consultation if you sustained these consequential damages.

Toxic Chemical Exposure Categories

A knowledgeable attorney in Denton could explain the three categories of toxic chemicals that are harmful to people.

Physical Toxins

Physical toxins, such as asbestos fibers, interfere with biological processes because of their physical nature. When people inhale these chemicals, they can cause severe organ damage and death.

Chemical Toxicity

Chemical toxicity occurs when a harmful chemical, such as gasoline, enters or comes in contact with the body.

Biological Toxicity

Biological toxicity occurs when a person inhales or comes in contact with microorganisms, animal, or plant-created toxic substances. Some of these hazardous substances include ricin, diphtheria, and Pertussis toxins.

Chemicals Most Likely to Cause Exposure Injuries

A well-versed Denton attorney could explain the chemicals that often cause catastrophic injuries humans, including:

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless, highly poisonous gas. Severe carbon monoxide poisoning causes many symptoms, including confusion, shortness of breath, unconsciousness, brain damage, and coma. The severity of the person’s injuries will depend on exposure time.


Those who sustain injuries after high levels of ammonia exposure injuries have immediate burning in their eyes, nose, and respiratory tract. If the exposure continues, they could suffer sudden blindness, severe lung damage, and death.

Hydrochloric Acid

Short-term hydrochloric acid inhalation exposure will irritate the nose, eyes, and respiratory tract. Oral exposure causes severe burn injuries to the stomach, esophagus, mucous membrane, including ulcerations and scarring.

Sulfuric Acid

Sulfuric acid can cause severe skin irritation and chemical burns. If the acid comes into contact with a person’s skin, it could cause blisters, permanent skin damage, and scarring.


Chlorine exposure causes painful burn injuries and blisters on the skin. Fumes from chlorine will cause nose and throat irritation and coughing.

Other hazardous chemicals with a history of severe injuries are asbestos and lead. Injuries from asbestos exposure can take over thirty years to show symptoms, including severe organ damage. Lead poison exposure can cause devastating neurological injuries, especially in children. According to the CDC, kids under four years old are most susceptible to serious lead poisoning injuries.

Denton Statute of Limitation after Toxic Chemical Exposure Injuries

In a toxic injury claim, the claimant must sue within two years of sustaining the injuries. Under Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Sec. 16.0031, if the injured party did not know of the injuries immediately, the time will begin running the day they discover them or receive a diagnosis from a medical professional. A proactive lawyer could handle the legal work and ensure the injured party files the toxic chemical exposure case within the law’s requirements.

Meet With a Hard-Working Toxic Chemical Exposure Attorney in Denton

There are many ways you can sustain severe toxic chemical exposure injuries. The injuries range from mild to life-altering and could change your entire life.

If you suffered injuries because of dangerous substances and negligence, contact an experienced Denton toxic chemical exposure lawyer immediately to fight for the fair settlement amount you deserve.

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