Denton Gym Injury Lawyer

Denton Gym Injury Lawyer

The last thing you want is to suffer an injury that might prevent you from exercising for several weeks, months, or even the rest of your life. In addition, an injury could cause you to experience financial losses in the form of medical bills and missed work.

You may have signed a waiver when you bought your gym membership, but that does not automatically absolve the property owner of liability in all cases. Speak with our Denton gym injury lawyers right away to discuss your legal options after an accident in a recreational facility.

Consequences of Gym Injuries

Many people experience minor injuries from working out, often due to over-exertion or poor form. A few days of rest and avoiding the aggravating movement is usually enough for the condition to heal.

However, gym accidents can result in more serious injuries, including:

  • Parasitic infections or infectious diseases from unsanitary conditions
  • Dislocated joints, fractures, and crushing injuries from faulty equipment
  • Head injuries from falls on uneven or slippery surfaces
  • Drownings and near-drownings in unsupervised pools and spas
  • Spinal cord injuries from wall climbing accidents

If negligent maintenance, hiring, or supervision at a gym resulted in a serious injury, an attorney in Denton might be able to help the injured person recover their damages. A successful civil claim could require the at-fault party to reimburse all expenses resulting from the injury and provide compensation for the injured person’s inconvenience, physical pain, emotional suffering, and any long-term impact on their quality of life.

Gym Injuries Resulting from Gross Negligence

Injuries can happen at the gym in numerous ways, and negligence is at the root of many of them. Even if a patron signed a liability waiver, they could still bring a claim against the gym if the condition that caused the injury amounted to gross negligence. Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code §41.001(11) defines gross negligence as an act or omission that is either extremely risky or callously indifferent to the risk to others.

Even if it is difficult to prove that the gym owner was grossly negligent, a skilled Denton attorney could help identify other potential defendants, such as equipment manufacturers.

Sometimes, the injured person’s actions play a role in their gym accident. However, this does not always prevent them from receiving compensation. As long as the claimant is not primarily responsible for their injuries, they could hold other negligent parties liable for their contributions to the incident and collect a reduced compensatory award.

Steps to Take after a Gym Injury in Denton

When an individual gets hurt at the gym, it is their attorney’s responsibility to gather evidence and bring a claim against the negligent recreational facility.

Record Witness Information

In the moments immediately following an injury at the gym, it is advisable to record the names and contact information of anyone who is nearby and who might have seen what happened. If an injured individual was working with a staff member like a fitness trainer or a class instructor when the gym accident occurred, it is critical to get the staffer’s name and contact info as well, so an attorney can recover witness statements at a later time to strength a subsequent claim for damages.

Seek Medical Treatment

Seeking immediate medical attention after an injury at a recreational facility is crucial both for a person’s health and their success in a civil lawsuit. Symptoms often worsen over time, so it is important to get a doctor’s advice right away, even if the injury seems minor at first. Furthermore, a defendant could use a person’s failure to seek immediate medical care as evidence that their injury did not happen or was not as severe as they claimed.

Work with Capable Denton Gym Injury Attorney

If conditions at your gym caused you undue harm, you might be feeling like you have little recourse, especially if you signed a liability waiver. However, waivers are not airtight, and you could still have a viable claim.

Consult our Denton gym injury lawyers as soon as possible after your accident. We could help you identify responsible parties and make them pay for the harm they caused you. Schedule a consultation today.

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