Types of Car Accidents in Denton

Types of Car Accidents in Denton

In Denton, there are a number of very common causes of car wrecks. Each type of car accident in Denton requires a local injury attorney to gather and preserve different elements and investigate different avenues for legal recourse.

Therefore, it is advisable to work with an experienced lawyer when seeking compensation after suffering harm in a crash. Skilled legal representation could build a personalized case to meet your unique needs.

Side-Impact Collisions

One of the most common types of vehicle wrecks that local attorneys see are side-impact collisions. These wrecks often occur when somebody turns left across traffic.

This is because drivers do not yield to oncoming traffic. As a result, a vehicle who fails to respect the right-of-way can be T-boned by oncoming traffic. Another type of side-impact accident is known as a sideswipe collision, and often occur when a motorist is changing lanes of traffic but fails to check their blind spot. This results in the side of their vehicle striking the side of another vehicle which can cause devastating wrecks, sometimes with resulting in a vehicle overturning.

Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end collisions are a common type of auto accident in Denton, and usually caused by traffic that is stopped or is stopping. There are many stoplights down Highway 380 which causes traffic to get congested.

Many times, people are going at highway speeds and do not allow enough space between their vehicles to come to a safe stop, resulting in them colliding. These can also occur at stop signs or traffic lights when a driver has to make a stop.

Front-End Crashes

Front-end or head-on wrecks are usually the deadliest type of vehicle collision. This is because it involves two vehicles colliding into each other at full speed. These wrecks usually occur when a motorist does not maintain their lane and crosses into oncoming traffic. These accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities.

What Causes These Types of Auto Wrecks in Denton?

While some vehicle wrecks can be caused by unsafe road conditions, such as potholes or black ice, most crashes are caused by human error. Motorists who are distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol put themselves and others at severe risk of harm in a devastating accident.

What is Distracting to Motorists?

Despite the dangerous of texting and driving, motorist cellphone use is still a prominent cause of vehicle collisions. Cellphone use can include texting, making calls, scrolling through social media, changing songs, or accessing the GPS.

Cellphones are not the only cause of distracted driving. Motorists can lose focus of their surroundings when changing the radio, eating, drinking, or talking with disruptive passengers.

Intoxicated Drivers

Denton is a college town with all that implies, so there is an increased likelihood of people being impaired while driving. This type of auto accident is challenging, as an impaired motorist could face additional criminal charges while also facing civil litigation.

Local lawyers often investigate whether the driver was overserved alcohol. If a bar knowingly over-served someone, then the injured party may be able to hold that bar responsible under dram shop liability in addition to the driver his or her self.

Discuss the Different Types of Car Accidents with an Attorney in Denton

There are many legal nuances when it comes to vehicle wrecks in Texas. Therefore, it is important to work with an attorney who is experienced in handling different types of car accidents in Denton.

If you or a loved one were hurt in an auto collision caused by another’s negligence, call our office today and schedule a case consultation. We look forward to speaking with you.

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