Car Accidents in Denton Parking Lots

Car Accidents in Denton Parking Lots

When most people think of an auto wreck, they think of those that occur on freeways, highways, or at intersections. However, car accidents in Denton parking lots are just as frequent and dangerous, and require the care and experience of a seasoned local injury attorney.

If you or a loved one were involved in a vehicle collision in a parking lot or parking garage, you may be eligible for financial compensation. Get in touch with our well-practiced legal team to discuss your options for legal recourse.

Unique Aspects of Parking Lot Wrecks

Vehicle collisions that occur in parking lots or garages have some key differences from those that occur on major roadways. Due to this, it is important for people injured in parking lot wrecks to work with a local attorney experienced with these types of cases.

What Happens if a Wreck Occurs on Private Property?

While collisions that occur on public roadways have clear and defined duties of each party, parking lots are private property. While private property still has some rules, they are not as clearly defined. For this reason, determining and proving fault in a parking lot collision could be difficult without experienced legal guidance.

Presence of Pedestrians

Parking lots have a lot of pedestrian traffic as patrons walk from their vehicles to the shop. This means there are lots of people moving between vehicles and crossing lanes of traffic.

This poses a serious risk of harm to pedestrians, especially to children and the elderly. As people walking or biking through parking lots have no protections against the impact of an oncoming vehicle, these collisions often result in devastating harm. Broken bones, head trauma, and spine injuries are all common injuries in local parking lot wrecks.

How Do Insurance Companies Treat Accidents in Parking Lots?

No matter where a vehicle wreck occurs, insurance companies will attempt to delay or deny claims whenever possible. When collisions between two vehicles, or a vehicle and a pedestrian, occur in a parking lot, insurers often try to minimize the impact of the wreck.

Adjusters will imply that nobody could be hurt or that the claims of serious injuries were fraudulent or falsified, often citing the slower speeds present as evidence. For this reason, it is critical that people injured in parking lot collisions in Denton seek representation from a determined attorney who could fight back against these allegations.

Learn More About Parking Lot Car Accidents from a Denton Attorney

It is critical that people injured in car accidents in Denton parking lots seek guidance from reliable and trustworthy legal professionals from the area. These cases are often dismissed as minor even though they can result in catastrophic injuries.

If you or a loved one were hurt in an accident in a parking lot or garage, do not hesitate to reach out to our team. Our skilled attorneys could answer any questions you may have and provide guidance as you seek the compensation you are due. Call now to schedule your free case consultation.

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