Denton Car Accident Cases Involving Multiple Defendants

Denton Car Accident Cases Involving Multiple Defendants

When a civil claim has more than one defendant, the case can become especially complex, making it crucial to enlist the help of an experienced attorney. Our team of lawyers is familiar with litigating Denton car accident cases involving multiple defendants and could offer invaluable insight about your claim.

How Does Litigation Proceed if there Are Multiple Defendants?

When a car accident trial has multiple defendants, the judge has a much greater role in equalizing certain factors. When two or three defendants are accusing each other of negligence to avoid liability, the case can get very complex in a very short amount of time. The judge must consider the parties’ stances and determine whether their positions in the case are “aligned” or not.

If each defendant in a car accident trial maintains the same defenses, or almost all of the same defenses, and there are no discrepancies between them, they would be considered aligned. If they are not completely aligned, each defendant will point a finger at the other as far as who’s responsible. This makes it much more likely that the claimant will win the case and can have drastic impact on what they can actually recover. The more defendants in a Denton car crash case, the more crucial it is to have a lawyer who understands the risks and advantages involved.

Settling vs Going to Trial for Cases with Multiple Defendants

When a Denton auto accident case has multiple defendants, it sometimes makes sense not to try to settle, because it can be beneficial to have all the defendants pointing the finger at each other. This helps take the focus off the claimant and can narrow down which defendant is most responsible for their damages.

But there are other situations in which a claimant may want to settle part of the case. When you have multiple defendants, a lawyer can often focus on one to the exclusion of the other to get the get that part of the case settled. Settling part of the case may remove some impediments and can help shorten the length of the case by avoiding superfluous complexities and constant rabbit holes. A well-versed, seasoned Denton attorney could help simplify a motor vehicle accident case involving multiple defendants to maximize an injured person’s chances of success.

How Can the Number of Defendants Impact the Length of Denton Car Accident Cases?

When a car wreck case involves multiple defendants, every lawyer gets to offer their evidence, cross examine every witness, present their own witnesses and evidence, etc., and the trial is often extended to some degree to account for that back-and-forth. Having one to two defendants is therefore beneficial because it helps with the brevity of a case. Defendants often try to make cases more complex than they actually are. It’s an attorney’s job to show the jury just how simple a car accident case is, regardless of how many defendants try to complicate the claim.

How Does a Lawyer Navigate these Difficulties during Trial?

A good trial lawyer will be able to anticipate challenges that may arise when a car crash case has multiple defendants and prepare for them if they do happen. This includes preparing for settlement negotiations or an appeal brought by the defense if the judge rules in the claimant’s favor. The more experienced a lawyer is, the more opportunities they’ve had to see how Denton car accident cases involving multiple defendants typically play out and learn from other lawyers’ mistakes. The wisdom and experience of a local attorney are therefore critical to obtaining a favorable outcome. Call today to learn more.

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