Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Denton

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in Denton

Being involved in a car wreck is traumatic, and it can be difficult to know what to do immediately after. Unfortunately, there are several missteps that can ultimately result in you being unable to seek full compensation for your losses from the person responsible for your accident. By working with our skilled lawyers, you could learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Denton and improve your chances of a positive resolution to your case.

Admitting Fault After a Car Wreck

Any admittance of fault at the scene of a motor vehicle accident in Denton can be a mistake because it can be used as evidence of liability at trial. What many people do not realize is even an apology could potentially be considered evidence of fault.

It is important for a claimant to avoid any perceived admittance of guilt because they do not know what the other driver was doing immediately before the collision. For instance, they do not know if the other motorist were distracted on their phone and would have been able to avoid the wreck had they been paying attention.

Additionally, since apologizing can be seen as an admittance of guilt, people injured in car crashes should avoid this. While this may feel rude, it could ultimately protect a claimant’s case for damages.

Refusing Prompt Medical Treatment

After an auto collision, if a vehicle occupant does not feel hurt, they may decide they do not need to receive medical treatment. However, this is almost always a mistake. Many serious, if not deadly injuries do not immediately present themselves.

Traumatic brain injuries, for instance, often take days or weeks to show symptoms. These injuries can result in permanent disability and even be fatal if left untreated. With this in mind, it is recommended that anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision in the area seek prompt medical care.

In addition to helping claimants recover from the harm they sustained in a car crash, medical documents can be critical evidence in an ensuing civil claim. By documenting that the claimant required medical care immediately following the accident, a local attorney could prove that the crash directly caused the claimant to suffer physical and financial losses that can be compensated.

Giving Recorded Statements

After a vehicle wreck, a claimant may be contact by the defendant’s insurance company and asked to give a recorded statement. If an insurer records the claimant making any statements that minimize their losses or admit fault in the wreck, that can be used against them in court or during settlement negotiations. Unlike other states, insurance companies in Texas can give what is known as an “oral release,” which can release a claim for a personal injury.  If that occurs any later claim for injuries will be lost.

Furthermore, a claimant may make the mistake of accepting a settlement offer by an insurance company before knowing the full extent of their losses. This can result in them not receiving a fair recovery.

Avoid Mistakes After a Car Accident with a Denton Attorney

Following a vehicle wreck, it is essential that you take the necessary steps to avoid compromising both your physical and financial recovery. By understanding the mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Denton, you can improve your chances at a successful claim. Speak with our well-practiced injury attorneys to learn more about now to improve your case. Call now for your free consultation.

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