Rental Car Accidents in Denton

Rental Car Accidents in Denton

Rental cars include any vehicle that is paid for use by an individual who does not personally own it. It differentiates from a taxi or rideshare in that the person leasing the vehicle is actually the one driving the car and not a third party.

If either you or the defendant driver were operating a rental vehicle at the time of the wreck, this can substantially impact your ensuing civil claim. Therefore, it is highly advisable to work with a local attorney familiar with rental car accidents in Denton.

How Does Rental Insurance Impact Recovery?

The impact of rental insurance on a vehicle accident claim in Denton depends on whether or not the person who rented the vehicle bought  the additional supplemental coverage. If they had the supplemental coverage as well as their own auto insurance, then they will have to coordinate the liability claim between the two.

In situations like that, each carrier, whether it is a rental car carrier or the individual’s own carrier, is fully responsible for any and all damages caused by their insured. Now, if a claimant was struck by a person driving a rented vehicle while driving their own vehicle, then their own underinsured insurance could also potentially be applied to damages. While this can make cases more complex, these insurance policies can be stacked, improving a claimant’s chances at a full recovery.

Stacking Policies

In these situations, the injured party could pursue claims against  only one of the insurance carriers (their own, the rental company’s, or a third party’s) or all of them. If the claimant is injured in an amount in excess of any one liability policy, they can pursue claims against the other carrier for the balance up to the full policy limits.

For instance, say a person’s injury has liability insurance in the amount of $100,000. If the individual has an underinsured $30,000 policy on their own vehicle as well as $30,000 underinsured in a rental car coverage, they could make claims against both insurance companies and jointly get the full $60,000 in compensation.

Common Causes of Wrecks Involving Rented Vehicles

A major influence in accidents in Denton involving rental vehicles is a lack of experience in or knowledge of both the vehicle and the area. Most of the time, people who rent vehicles are unfamiliar with the mechanics of the car they are now operating. If the vehicle is larger than they are used to or has more sensitive brakes, that can cause them to get involved in rear-end collisions.

Additionally, people often rent vehicles when they are visiting the area. This means, drivers of rental vehicles may not know Denton roads, which could cause them to make sudden turns or stops which could result in accidents. If the weather conditions are unfavorable, this can also cause a driver to wreck.

Learn More About Rental Car Accidents with a Denton Attorney

While recovery can be substantial in these cases, determining how to best stack the available policies could be difficult without experienced legal guidance. Working with a local attorney familiar with rental car accidents in Denton could improve your chances at a full recovery for your losses.

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