Denton Head-on Collision Lawyer

Denton Head-on Collision Lawyer

While any vehicle collision is tragic, some wrecks put vehicle occupants at higher risk of devastating harm. One of these accidents are front-end crashes. As these often occur at high speeds, people involved commonly suffer grave, even deadly injuries.

If you were injured in a front-end crash or lost a loved one in one, you may benefit from speaking with a compassionate injury attorney. A Denton head-on collision lawyer could protect your right to fair compensation during settlement negotiations or at trial, if necessary.

What is a Head-On Accident?

A head-on collision occurs when the fronts of two vehicles collide. This can involve the entire front of both vehicles striking completely or they can be offset.

These collisions are very deadly because both vehicles are moving against each other, meaning a high force of impact, particularly when they occur at highway speeds. In other words, if one person is driving in one direction at 70 miles per hour and the other person driving the opposite direction at 70 miles per hour, that would result in a 140 mile per hour collision. Due to the severity of front-end crashes, it often beneficial for an injured claimant to seek guidance from a local attorney.

Common Causes of Front-End Crashes

Experienced lawyers often see head-on accidents in Denton involve one vehicle that goes completely over into another lane, like on Highway 380 for instance. Oftentimes, these are situations in which the driver is not paying attention, using their cellphone, or perhaps is intoxicated causing them to go across the center line, leading to a front-end collision.

These wrecks can be some of the deadliest and most dangerous collisions because they happen at a high rate of speed. The closing rate of speed is very significant, and the amount of force that is put on a vehicle occupants body could cause devastating harm.

Front-end accidents are also caused when one driver has attempted to turn left across traffic and does not yield the right of way. These can result in either T-bone collisions or head-on collisions depending upon the angle of the person not yielding the right of way. While these occur at lower speeds, they can still be traumatic.

Potential Injuries

The possible injuries that can occur from head-on collisions are very broad and can be especially devastating. Passengers often suffer harm to their spine and neck. People may suffer disc injuries that cause protrusions that impact nerves that can sometimes require surgeries, or even lead to paralysis.

Another type of injury local attorneys see in front-end wrecks include traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs. These occur when the brain is rattled around inside the head from the impact. This means the head itself does not have to impact anything to cause a TBI, although that also is common. Traumatic brain injuries can occur when a vehicle occupant’s head impacts with the airbags, steering wheel, windshield, or windows.

Other common injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Broken bones
  • Torn ligaments
  • Crushing injuries
  • Organ damage
  • Death

Skilled legal representation could help someone injured in a front-end crash seek appropriate damages to compensate them for their harm.

Seek Guidance from a Denton Head-On Collision Attorney

Due to the significant impact a front-end accident could have on somebody, a skilled attorney could help a claimant seek a substantial damages award. A Denton head-on collision lawyer could review your case and create a personalized claim to meet your unique circumstances.

Do not hesitate to seek legal guidance. Call our office today and schedule your first consultation for free.

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