Personal Injury Protection in Denton Car Accidents

Personal Injury Protection in Denton Car Accidents

When people are injured in vehicle collisions, one of the first places they will look for coverage is their auto insurance. One of these coverages is known as personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Personal injury protection coverage places an important role in Denton car accidents as it can ensure the injured party is compensated, even if they are partially responsible for the wreck. A hardworking local attorney could explain how to get the most from your PIP coverage.

What is Personal Injury Protection Coverage?

Drivers in Denton, and throughout the state of Texas, are required to obtain a minimum amount of personal injury protection coverage unless they have signed off the insurance company saying they do not want it. This is not recommended as PIP coverage is great for the insured, while bad for the insurance company.

The minimum required amount of PIP coverage is only $2,500.00. While this could provide some source of immediate funding after a vehicle wreck, it usually encouraged that drivers buy more if they can. Local attorneys often recommend Denton drivers maintain $5,000 to $10,000 in PIP coverage to protect them in the event of a crash.

PIP is not subject to subrogation. This means that nobody but the insured can make a claim against their PIP unless the insured grants permission for them to do so. In addition, PIP covers not only medical bills, but also a significant percentage, 80 percent, of the insured’s lost wages.  It is the first line of coverage available in the immediate aftermath of a car wreck.

What Should People Know About PIP Coverage?

In addition to the fact no one can subrogate against PIP coverage, there are other important facts about personal injury protection people injured in car wrecks in Denton should know. This includes why claimants should not sign over their PIP to a hospital, the implications of a first-party claim, and how it impacts insurance rates.

Signing Over to a Hospital

Many doctors will try to have patients sign over their PIP to doctors or hospitals, and while this is possible, it is discouraged. This can quickly result in the PIP coverage being exhausted, regardless of the true value of the medical  treatment. It is often better to have their other insurance cover medical bills and use PIP for lost earnings.

First-Party Claim

Since PIP coverage is a first-party claim, if the insurance companies do not pay it in a timely manner, they can be held accountable for bad faith. It could be beneficial to speak with a local attorney under these circumstances.

Insurance Rates

It is a misconception that if a person makes a claim on their PIP coverage that it is going to affect their liability insurance rates. However, these policies are different coverages. In other words, insurers do not use PIP coverage to determine rates for a liability insurance policy.

Learn More about PIP Coverage in Car Accident Cases from a Denton Attorney

After being injured in a car crash, you are likely facing substantial financial stressors. From expensive medical bills to time off work, you may be unsure how you can cover these expenses. Fortunately, PIP coverage can help you with these burdens.

Personal injury protection in Denton car accidents can cover your monetary losses stemming from medical treatment and lost wages. If you wish to learn more about this insurance coverage, speak with our skilled team during a free consultation.

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