Teen Driver Accidents in Denton

Teen Driver Accidents in Denton

While there is always some level of risk associated with getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, this is especially true for novice motorists. Teen driver accidents in Denton are fairly common and can result in substantial harm and property damage.

If you were struck by a teenage driver, or if your adolescent child was hurt in a collision caused by someone else, you could have grounds for financial recourse. A hardworking injury attorney in the area could review your case and help you determine the best course of action for your unique situation.

Requirements for Novice Drivers

In Denton, a person must be at least 14 years of age to take driver’s education. However, people between the ages of 16 and 24 must go through driver’s education to obtain their license. This involves 32 hours of course activity in addition to another 30 years of driving activity to prepare them to take a test to receive their provisional license. Anyone over 24 years of age do not have to take Drivers Ed.

Additionally, a driver’s permit can be obtained by a person in Texas at the age of 15, so long as they can pass the written test. A driver’s permit allows the individual to operate a vehicle if they are accompanied by a licensed adult.

Hardship Licenses

A hardship license is available to 15 year olds who can show a specific need to obtain a license prior to the legal age requirement. This requires having a parent sign a piece of paper explaining the hardship. These are only available in limited circumstances.

Why are Teens More at Risk of Vehicle Collisions?

Unfortunately, since adolescent drivers are often less experienced behind the wheel, they are often more susceptible to serious collisions. Common accidents in Denton involving teen drivers include:

Teenagers are also more likely to be distracted behind the wheel, either by rowdy passengers or their cellphone. Furthermore, due to their lack of experience, if they end up in a dangerous situation, they may be unaware of how to avoid a collision. For example, a teen motorist who has never driven in the rain before may not know how to respond if their vehicle begins to hydroplane.

How Can Parents Help Teenagers Avoid Car Crashes?

Parents and guardians can be instrumental in preparing novice drivers so they can better avoid devastating accidents. It is advisable that parents enroll their adolescent children in driver’s education courses to educate them on safety and traffic rules, as well as provide them with supervised time behind the wheel.

Parents should also prepare teen motorists for how to respond in the event they are either the cause of a wreck or are struck by another driver. This includes ensuring they and the other parties involved are in a place of safety so that no further collisions occur.

They should also collect as much evidence and information as possible. This includes contact and insurance information from the other drivers and photographs of the scene. They also should be encouraged to contact law enforcement who can make a report of the accident that could be used in any ensuing civil claims. Parents of teenage drivers who are involved in wrecks should also be sure to contact a local attorney right away.

Call a Denton Attorney After a Teen Driver Accident

Whether your adolescent child was struck by another driver or you were hit by a novice motorist, you should contact a capable lawyer to discuss your legal options. Teen driver accidents in Denton can be especially devastating, but a reliable attorney could help you seek the financial compensation you are owed. Call our office now to book a free initial consultation.

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