Settling a Car Accident Claim in Denton

Settling a Car Accident Claim in Denton

Oftentimes, people who are hurt in an auto crash do not file a claim for damages as they do not wish to go through the expensive and time-consuming process of trial. However, the vast majority of personal injury cases are actually settled without ever stepping foot in a courtroom.

When settling a car accident claim in Denton, it is beneficial to obtain the guidance of an accomplished attorney from the area. Our trustworthy staff could represent your interests during settlement negotiations and make sure you are fairly compensated for your losses.

What Should a Claimant Bring to Their Settlement Negotiation?

A person wishing to settle a car crash claim needs to provide their Denton lawyer with some essential documents and information in order to build a strong case. One of these key elements is the police report from the day of the wreck. These reports are helpful for gathering evidence and putting the claim together. They also tend to document who the law enforcement officer believed to be responsible for the accident in question.

Civil attorneys also require any medical information related to the auto collision. This includes a list of treating doctors and medical centers visited. Additionally, any other documentation of financial, physical, or emotional losses stemming from the wreck is also valuable. Photographs or videos of injuries or the accident scene, witness information and testimony, and any other physical evidence available could be helpful.

Settlement Process in Denton

A vehicle accident case can be settled before ever going to trial, or at any point during litigation. However, the process for these two circumstances can vary.

In either case, a settlement involves having a release agreed to, signed, or orally acknowledged. There are several things to consider before agreeing to release. One of which is understanding that a release is a contract, so it requires thorough review before agreeing to its terms.

Generally, once a settlement amount is agreed to, a release is sent over by the insurance company. The parties will then read and negotiate through the release to make sure that it contains necessary information and removes anything the parties do not want.

Not having an experienced attorney during this process puts a claimant at a severe disadvantage. There have been many instances of people being severely injured in an auto accident signing a release that does not meet their needs. For this reason, it is often essential to speak with a local attorney before settling a car accident claim.

Settling During Litigation

When settlements are reached after litigation has already ensued, the parties must supply the court with a report of the settlement agreement. This results in the lawsuit either being dismissed, or the parties have to iterate judgement, which is an agreed judgement as part of the release process. An experienced lawyer could further explain how active litigation could impact the settlement process.

A Denton Attorney Could Help Settle a Car Accident Claim

If you are looking for financial recourse after being injured in a vehicle crash but do not want to go to trial, you should consider settling your case. However, settling a car accident claim in Denton often requires the skill and experience of a well-practiced civil attorney. Our hardworking team could walk you through the settlement process and ensure you are fairly compensated for the harm you have experienced. Call our office today and book your initial consultation for free.

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